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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

6/18/12 - 6/22/12

Maggie really put Victor through hoops in order for him to get her forgiveness.  What he did to her was wrong, but it happened before they fell in love.  Also, Daniel wouldnít be here if Victor didnít do what he did so why did it take so long for her to forgive him?

It took long enough for Brady to figure out that he was starting to feel funny.  How long did Ian have to drug him before he got the connection?

Did Sami have a brain freeze or something?  Sami blamed Carrie for ruining her marriage as if Samiís affair didnít ruin her marriage.  Just because Sami wants to label the affair as ďgrief sexĒ doesnít mean she didnít cheat on Rafe.  Carrie may have almost ruined her own marriage, but she didnít ruin Samiís. 

Why would Melanie go down an alley when she knew someone was following her?  What sense did it make to be by herself?  No wonder Andrew was able to get her so easily.

Why would Rafe be put on the Stefano murder case when heís too close to the main suspect as well as the other suspects?  He also has a motive to kill Stefano after what he did to him with fake Rafe.  Putting Rafe on the case was an excuse to have him and Carrie work together.

It was so sad to see Abe and Lexie reminisce about their lives together.  We cried while watching them talk to each other.  It was a tender moment and we respect the writers for not making the scene too over the top.

We wonder if EJ pushed Wills o hard to come out of the closet to pay him back for ruining his marriage.  It was a little strange that EJ wanted Will to reveal his alibi so badly. 

It was nice of Bo and Hope to be there for Abe and Theo after Lexie died.  It was sweet of them to take the time to be there for them.  Hope made the hard phone calls while Bo tried to make Abe feel better.

Thumbs up to Abe and EJ for burying the hatchet in honor of Lexieís memory. It was nice to see them getting along.  It really brought tears to our eyes.

It would have meant more to see Tonya Boyd playing Celeste when Lexie passed away than seeing Beverly Todd playing the part.  Beverly didnít work with Lexie long enough for us to believe that she was in pain over Lexieís death.

Leave it to Chad to be more worried about his fight with Melanie than he was over Stefanoís death.  Chad needs to get his priorities straight.

Did Nicole forget that her best friend Chloe was married to Daniel?  She was flirting with him as if he wasnít married to Chloe.

Didnít Kate have a nerve expecting Carrie to be faithful when she just cheated on Stefano for Ian?  Does Kate think itís okay to hurt Stefano, but her son is off limits?


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Page updated 6/22/12

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