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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/28/12 - 6/1/12

Will should have known EJ would have been furious at him for making sure Rafe found out about his affair with Sami.  Now Will knows what Sami went through when he blamed her for losing Rafe.

Maybe it was us, but Rafe acted as if Austin didnít have a right to be happy about being a father.  Rafe would have been happy if Carrie were pregnant with his baby so Austin had a right to be happy that Carrie was pregnant with his baby.

Stefano hit the nail on the head when EJ confronted him about ruining his marriage.  Stefano told EJ that he wouldnít have cheated on Nicole if he loved her.  Stefano was right.  EJ wouldnít have slept with Sami or Taylor if he loved Nicole.

We had to laugh when Carrie said she wished she could be selfish like Sami.  Carrie is very selfish if you ask us.  Sheís not worried about Austinís feelings.  Sheís only worried about her feelings.

We were ready to cry when Lexie asked Bo and Hope to make sure that Abe was okay after she died.  It was really sad.  It would have been even worse if they cried with tears. LOL!

Jennifer has been so into herself that she had to wait for a call from Lexie before she could visit her.  Bo and Hope and John and Marlena went to visit Lexie, but Jennifer has to wait to be called.  We should all have friends like that.

Lexie wanted EJ to step down as mayor so Abe could get his job back.  She even went so far as to say she would use the brain tumor card to get EJ to do what she wanted.  All Lexie ever does is play that card so that was nothing new.

Will and Sami finally made peace with each other.  Sami kept sticking her foot in her mouth when she was talking to him, but eventually Will stopped giving her a hard time and was willing to give her a chance.

It was so nice seeing Stefano comforting Lexie.  We love seeing them getting along.  Itís too bad the writers had to ruin it by blaming Stefano for her tumor.

Will had some nerve getting mad at Sami for making it about her that he set it up for Rafe to find out about her affair.  She had a right to be upset since Will helped Stefano break up her marriage.  Will was lucky that she didnít treat him the way he treated her.

Maybe itís us, but we didnít feel sorry for Nicole when EJ said he would sue her for sole custody of their baby.  She should have kept it from him that she was having his baby.

How convenient was it that the CIA didnít want Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena to touch Stefano or else.  Stefano could practically get away with murder as long as the CIA has his back.

Abby seems to be the only one on to Gabiís lie about getting stalked.  Gabiís lie isnít even convincing, yet Chad falls for it every time.  Maybe Abby is able to spot what Gabi is doing because she told her own lies once upon a time.

Hope told Stefano that she kept thinking about Ciara while she and Bo were at the safehouse.  Did she forget about Shawn Douglas?  Guess she doesnít care about Shawn D or Ciara since they arenít in Salem.

Why would John, Hope, and Bo touch the gun that Abe left at the mansion?  They were/are cops so you would think they would know not to touch someone elseís gun and leave fingerprints.  Also, they all had their own guns so why did they as well as Marlena have to use Abeís gun?

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/1/12

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