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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/30/12 - 5/4/12

Kate was ready to get revenge on Sami for running Countess W as well as being with Lucas.  We are looking forward to seeing what Kate has in store for Sami because Sami is too smug about running the company.

What made Lucas think that Kate would understand that she would be okay with him working with Sami?  He knows how much Kate doesnít like Sami so he should have known Kate would have been furious that he was working with her.

We wonder if Agent Harmon really works for Stefano.  He was supposed to watch out for John/Marlena/Bo/Hope at the safe house, but he ended up letting Stefano know that he had a fake coin instead of the real one.  Now Stefano wants to get revenge on the foursome.  Agent Harmon could be setting Stefano up, but if not, we had a feeling that the agent was working for Stefano.

Nicole could have told Brady the truth about the father of her baby.  Brady canít stand EJ so Brady wouldnít have said anything.

We liked how Bo and Hope talked about Zack.  Bo told Hope that he saw Zack while he was in a coma.  It was nice that they didnít forget about him.  Bo and Hope decided to continue their therapy sessions.  Hopefully their sessions will be shown this time instead of being dropped.

How many times is Rafe going to tell Carrie that he needs to tell her the truth before he actually does it?  He has been telling her for the longest that he needs to tell her the truth about Nicoleís baby yet he keeps coming up with reasons not to actually tell it.

Speaking of Rafe and Carrie, Carrie told Rafe that he led her on.  She had a lot of nerve telling him that considering what sheís doing to Austin.  Weíre sure Austin would feel used if he knew how Carrie felt about Rafe.

It was strange to see Roman and Kate talking to each other after all this time they have been apart.  We wonder if the writers are hinting that they are getting back together.

Are the writers trying to force the audience to feel sorry for EJ that he found out that he wasnít Stefanoís son?  Stefano could have claimed EJ as his son and no one would be none the wiser.  The writers probably had Stefano reject EJ so we could feel sorry for EJ.  Itís not working for us because we havenít forgotten any of the things EJ did when he thought he was a DiMera.

Speaking of Stefano, why did he claim Peter and Kristen as his children if DiMeras only consider blood relatives as family?  Just because they are not on the show anymore that doesnít mean we all forgot they were on the show.

Was anyone else ready to slap Carrie when she was reacting to being stuck in the safe house?  She acted as if she was the only one suffering through being stuck there.  Everyone else was scared too and they didnít act the way she did.

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Page updated 5/8/12

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