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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/23/12- 4/27/12

We loved how Carrie reminded Sami that Sami cheated on Rafe when Sami called her a husband stealer.  Sami certainly has a way of flipping the script to make it appear as if she’s the victim.

Rafe continued to treat Sami like garbage when he was talking to her.  Nicole doesn’t treat EJ the way Rafe treats Sami and EJ cheated too.

Austin must have thought that Carrie could turn her feelings off for Rafe like a light switch.  He knew she had feelings for him so it shouldn’t surprise him that she had feelings for Rafe.

Renee Jones and James Reynolds did excellent jobs when they were crying over Lexie’s diagnosis.  We were on the verge of tears right along with them.

Nicole thought that EJ was selfish for not wanting to leave Salem.  Nicole was the one being selfish.  EJ has reasons to stay in Salem so it would be harder for him to leave town.  Nicole has no reason to stay in town so it would be easy for her to leave Salem.

Speaking of EJ, why didn’t he tell Nicole that Lexie has a brain tumor so he can’t leave town?  Nicole might have understood why he couldn’t leave if he told her that Lexie was sick.  Nicole might not have assumed he was staying for Sami.

What was up with John, Marlena, and Hope?  They found out that Lexie is dying, but John and Marlena were worried about Abe and Hope was worried about Bo.  They weren’t worried about Lexie and she is the one who is dying.  They are not being good friends to her.

We hope Kate takes Sami and Countess W down because Sami was so smug about running the company.  We never wanted to root for Kate so badly.  Sami is definitely letting Stefano’s offer get to her head.

We feel sorry for Stefano that he could lose his daughter because of something he did.  The writers rewrote the story so it was his fault that Lexie was in the tunnel, but we felt bad for Stefano.  He was really torn over losing Lexie.

Speaking of rewriting the story, we figured the writers were going to change the fact that EJ was the one who put Lexie in the tunnel.  Now all of a sudden Andre was the one who did it.

Why did Rafe give Nicole a get-out-of-jail-free card for kidnapping Sydney because she was grieving yet he won’t give Sami one for sleeping with EJ?  Sami claimed she was grieving when she slept with EJ so why is Rafe so unforgiving towards Sami?

It was nice to see Lucas and Sami spending time with Will and Allie.  Will was still cold to Sami, but it was nice to see them as a family.

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Page updated 5/8/12

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