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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/9/12 Ė 4/13/12

Kate shouldnít have taken the risk of sleeping with Ian.  She knows Stefano knows everything so she shouldnít have slept with Ian.  She will have no one else to blame when Stefano goes after her.

Lucas cares a little too much about what EJ and Rafe did to Sami considering he doesnít want to be with her.  He argued with EJ and Rafe as if he was a man in love with Sami.

We donít understand Rafe attitude towards Sami.  We know she betrayed him, but he is being so heartless towards her.  He told Lucas that he didnít care what Sami did or who she was with as if he didnít love her once.  Rafe must love shutting people out if they make a mistake.

Sami and EJ had a funny way of showing that they didnít care about each other.  If they didnít feel something for each other, why did they play tonsil hockey with each other for so long?

Kate blamed Ian for ruining her life.  Ian didnít make her sleep with him.  She had the option not to jump in the bed with him.  It is something how the women always blame the men when they have an affair.

EJ and Sami didnít have a right to be upset that Nicole and Rafe could possibly be having a baby together when EJ and Sami could have had one too.  If Sami got pregnant as a result of the affair, they would have had a baby too.

We loved hearing Rafe and Nicole remind EJ and Sami that EJ and Sami were the ones who had an affair no matter what the reason.  Sami was playing the victim role as usual and Rafe and Nicole didnít let her off the hook the way Sami thought they would.

Rafe is no different from Sami when it concerns scheming.  He wanted to research switching paternity tests.  He thought he did it for a good reason.  Sami thought she switched the paternity tests for a good reason.  No matter what the reason, itís still a terrible thing to do to the baby.

Billie needs to be more careful when sheís snooping around the DiMera mansion.  EJ has managed to catch her two times while she was looking for evidence against the DiMeras.  She is a terrible spy because she always gets caught.

Nicole is a hypocrite.  She was upset that EJ didnít tell her about his affair, but she kept it from him that Stefano rigged the election.  Guess she can keep secrets, but they arenít supposed to be kept from her.

Carrie had a lot of nerve getting upset with Rafe for ďgetting Nicole pregnantĒ.  She isnít his wife so she doesnít have the right to be upset with him.  Sheís probably upset that she has to be stuck with Austin so sheís taking it out on Rafe.

John/Marlena and Bo/Hope were reunited.  It was good seeing John and Hope back together with Marlena and Bo.  Itís too bad Bo had to be in a coma while he and Hope were together, but at least they are together again.

When did Stefano treat EJ as if he was a failure?  Stefano always acts as if EJ is his only son.  Now all of a sudden EJ thinks Stefano doesnít appreciate him.

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Page updated 5/9/12

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