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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/2/12 – 4/6/12

Why don’t the people in Alamania know that the real Princess Gina is dead?  The news of her death (when Shawn shot her) should have reached Alamania so how did Stefano think he was going to pass Hope off as Princess Gina.

It could be us, but it seemed like Lucas was jealous of the fact that EJ could have feelings for Sami.  Lucas was upset that Sami took a handout (the apartment) from EJ.  Why did Lucas care if EJ wanted to help Sami unless he had feelings for her?

Speaking of Sami, why was she picturing when she was having sex with EJ if she can’t stand him?  Sami even pictured times that they were together before Johnny was missing.  She obviously cares about EJ more than she wants to admit.

What was Rafe thinking when he admitted to being the father of Nicole’s baby?  The last thing Rafe needed was to get mixed up with Nicole and EJ again.  He shouldn’t have let Nicole deal with her pregnancy on her own.

Sami told Lucas that she’s in love with him.  That was very fast considering she was in love with Rafe.  We weren’t surprised that Lucas didn’t believe her when she said that she was in love with him.

Since Carrie and Rafe are not a couple, she didn’t have the right to get upset that Rafe admitted to “fathering” Nicole’s baby.  Carrie obviously forgot that she is still married and that Rafe is still married to Sami.

Speaking of Carrie, she is wrong for staying with Austin because she thinks she’s lost Rafe.  Austin wants to make things work with her and she’s only doing it because Rafe said he father Nicole’s baby.  Carrie shouldn’t use Austin like that.

We have a hard time believing that Billie wanted Hope to be there for Bo.  She knows she loves being able to be with Bo without Hope being around. 

We loved how Lucas didn’t bow down and do what Sami wanted.  She expected him to stay in Salem with her because she needed him.  He didn’t believe that she needed him.  He eventually caved and decided to stay, but he gave her a hard time before staying in Salem.

We aren’t over the moon with the new Celeste.  We know she just started in the role, but we don’t like this actress in the role.  We will give her a chance, but for now, she has not impressed us with her performance.

Why would Stefano set up Kate?  Was he suspicious that she might be cheating on him?  Kate should have been careful when she was meeting Ian.  Maybe that’s why Stefano set her up with the dossier of Marlena.

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Page updated 5/8/12

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