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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/26/12 Ė 3/30/12

Itís something how people are suddenly wondering about Willís sexuality.  Before the writers decided to do a gay storyline with Will, no one noticed anything about his sexuality.  Now Marlena and Kate suddenly suspect heís gay.

Carrie should have told Austin that she wants to have a relationship with Rafe.  She didnít have to let Austin practically beg for another chance when she knew she didnít want him anymore.

We liked seeing Lucas defending Sami to Kate.  He had a spark in his eye when he was trying to keep Kate from going after Sami.

Billie is working with the ISA to take down the DiMeras.  We think she will end up getting in over her head.  Thereís no way Stefano is going to let Billie get away with exposing him or the DiMera family.

Why does Stefano suddenly want the priceless egg that the pawn and Princess Gina stole from him?  He had years to get this egg yet now he wants it back.  What would he have done if Hope never opened Pandoraís Box?

Carrie is no different from Sami.  Carrie was the one who kissed Rafe first yet she practically blamed Austin for ruining their marriage.  Luckily he didnít take that from her without telling her that she messed up too.  Also, she expected Austin to be honest with her about ďsleeping withĒ Abby, but she didnít volunteer how sheís in love with Rafe.

Sami acted as if Kate was going after her just because she is the mother of Lucasí children.  Kate might not have gone after her if she didnít work with Madison to take her down.

Sami couldnít wait to blame EJ for her mess with Kate.  EJ couldnít offer to help her without her blaming him or why she didnít have Rafe to help her.  EJ didnít rape her this time.  She chose to have sex with him so she is just as responsible as EJ.

What made Carrie think that Sami would want to talk to her and clear things up?  Carrie knew that Sami blamed her for the destruction of her marriage so why did she think Sami would be civil to her?

It was good that Lexie decided to let Abe come back home.  She was willing to get over her anger and let him come home.  We figured she would have forgiven him eventually, but we didnít expect it to be this soon.

EJ couldnít wait to tell Sami that Rafe and Nicole were sleeping together.  Even if it were true, EJ and Sami have no right to be upset with Nicole and Rafe for being together. 

When did Marlena become a threat to KateĒ marriage?  Unless it happened off screen, Stefano hasnít said two words to Kate about Marlena.  This is just an excuse for Kate to be with Ian.

What never did Sami have getting upset that Rafe ďcheatedĒ on her with Nicole?  Sami actually did cheat on Rafe with EJ and sheís only going by EJís word that Rafe was with Nicole.

Who was Abby to judge Gabi for making Melanie think she cheated with Chad?  It wasnít that long ago when she did the same thing to Carrie with Austin. Just because Abby told the truth that doesnít change the fact that she did the same thing to Carrie.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 5/9/12

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