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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/19/12 – 3/23/12

Lexie is really being hard on Abe about the election.  We know he made a huge mistake trying to play dirty, but he has already apologized to her.  What more does she want him to do?

How convenient was it that Lexie said Theo was having a hard time with Abe’s betrayal.  Theo is suddenly getting teased because of the election.  We find it hard to believe that he wasn’t teased because of being a DiMera.

If Billie was so concerned about Bo, why was she working out at the spa and getting cozy with Daniel?  You would think she would have been with Bo.

Sami couldn’t wait to make Will working for EJ about her.  When she and Lucas were talking about Will, she made it all about her.  She couldn’t just focus on Will’s situation without making it about herself.

We were surprised that Sami told Lucas the truth about being the mole at Countess W.  We didn’t think she would say anything so that was a surprise.

It’s something how Nicole is suddenly feeling severe morning sickness.  She wasn’t feeling any of these pains before she found out she was pregnant.

Abby is very delusional.  She is under the impression that she is going to get Austin.  He hasn’t given her any indication that he wants to be with her yet she’s convinced they will be together.

You would think that Nicole would listen to Rafe and not keep the baby from EJ.  Did she forget what EJ did to Sami when she kept Sydney from him?  She must want to go through the same thing Sami did.

Rafe practically wrote off his relationship with Sami as if he wasn’t in love with her.  He told Nicole that he had feelings for Sami.  Guess he really did switch off his feelings for her like a light switch.

EJ had some nerve getting upset about Rafe and Nicole “sleeping with each other”.  EJ did the same thing to Rafe and Nicole when he slept with Sami.  Were Rafe and Nicole supposed to give him a key to the city for doing that?  EJ really did act as if Rafe and Nicole betrayed him instead of the other way around.

Gabi is getting just like Abby.  Now she’s obsessed with Chad she put an earring in his dorm so Melanie could find it.  What’s up with everyone getting butchered so Melanie can come off like a saint?  The writers did this with Abby and now they are doing it with Gabi.

We were glad that Austin let everyone know that Carrie is in love with Rafe.  Carrie had no problem letting everyone know that he cheated on her.  Of course Sami made the moment about herself, but we enjoyed watching Carrie get humiliated.

It serves Sami right that Kate is going to get revenge on her for being the mole.  She should have never worked with Madison to stab Kate in the back.  Madison will get away with what she did while Sami will be busted.

Abby finally told the truth about not sleeping with Austin.  Austin and Carrie were furious with Abby for telling the lie.  We don’t know why Jack and Jennifer expected Carrie not to be upset with Abby for what she did.

Sami has no one else to blame for why Kate wants to seek revenge on her.  She should have never worked with Madison in the first place.  Who knows what Kate will do to her to punish her?

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 5/9/12

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