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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/12/12 – 3/16/12

How convenient was it that Billie had to be the one by Bo’s side while he was in the coma?  Of course Hope had to be stuck in Alamania so Billie could be there for Bo.  We already have a feeling where this story is headed.  We are fully prepared for the inevitable break up of Bo and Hope.

When were Carrie and Abby so close when Abby was younger?  We didn’t think they were that close to each other.  If anything, Austin and Abby should be closer since he donated his bone marrow to her.

Austin should have put Abby in her place when she said that she and Austin were in love.  He is too passive with her, which is probably why she feels that the two of them are in love.  If he put his foot down in the first place, he might not have to deal with Abby.

Abby had a lot of nerve telling Melanie that Carrie doesn’t love Austin.  Abby doesn’t know how Carrie feels about Austin to assume that she loves him more than Carrie.

Maggie has obviously forgotten about Melissa and Sarah now that she has Daniel in her life.  She told Daniel that she didn’t know what she would do if her son were in Bo’s position?  Would she throw a party in town square if Melissa or Sarah were in comas?

Why did Melanie think she was going to convince Abby to leave Austin and Carrie alone?  Abby was willing to follow Austin to the lodge so she could be with him so she wasn’t going to listen to Melanie.

Austin should have told Carrie that he was “with” Abby before Abby told Carrie what happened.  Abby was going to make it seem like he wanted to be with her when she knew he didn’t remember it.

We are already sick of Kate pushing for Billie to go after Bo.  Did Kate forget that Bo is in love with Hope?  Billie and Bo weren’t even together when she left town, but Kate thinks he’s why she’s back in Salem.  We may as well prepare for Kate to start scheming to get Billie and Bo back together.

We know that Carrie is upset that Austin was “with” Abby, but she shouldn’t be too shocked that he “cheated”.  She cheated on Austin with Mike so she can’t really judge him for what she thinks he did.

Abby shouldn’t have been talking so much about her fake relationship with Austin.  She let it slip to Melanie that she didn’t have sex with Austin.  Abby has herself to blame for that coming out.

We weren’t the least bit surprised that Carrie admitted that she fell in love with Rafe.  We saw that coming as soon as we found out they were working together.  Since Carrie has fallen for Rafe, why is she so upset that Austin was with Abby?  Carrie can be with Rafe now.

Austin walked in on Carrie telling Rafe that she loved him.  Rafe was about to answer when Austin announced himself.  It was a true soap moment.

Sami wanted Rafe to watch the kids while she was gone, but she called Caroline and told her how she was getting the kids.  Why did she ask Rafe to help if Caroline’s watching them?

Will had a lot of nerve getting smart with Lucas after he risked covering for him.  Will is being so ungrateful considering Lucas could have let him go to prison for shooting EJ.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 5/9/12

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