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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

2/27/12 Ė 3/2/12

Is Carrie trying to apply for sainthood?  She defended Sami when Rafe told her what Sami did to him.  Did Carrie forget the way Sami treated her when she saw her kissing Rafe?  Defending Sami or making excuses for her will only let her off the hook.

Speaking of Rafe, are the writers trying to re-write his relationship with Sami?  Rafe said that all Sami did was lie to him.  We know thatís not entirely true.  Sami is a liar, but she pretty much told him the truth until she cheated on him.  We are not team Sami, but she managed not to scheme too much while she was with him.

Why wasnít it so easy for Daniel to go back to the hospital?  He was gone for a couple of weeks (real time), but he was back as if she never left the hospital.

Why does Marlena ever bother trying to reach out to Sami?  Sami always finds a way to snap at her even when Marlena is trying to reason with her.  Marlena tried to tell Sami that something is wrong with Will, but Sami was being defensive as usual.

What made EJ think that Nicole would want to see him after finding out that he was with Sami?  He should have known that Nicole was going to push him away.

Did Daniel forget that Jack took his hat out of the ring to win Jenniferís heart?  Daniel thought that Jennifer would have been with Jack while he was gone.  Daniel was with Jennifer when Jack told her that he was going to stop pursuing her.  Daniel wasnít gone that long to forget that happened.

Ian told Kate that Sami and Madison played her.  We find it hard to believe that Kate didnít suspect that something was up with Sami sooner than that.  Kate must be slipping since she didnít realize that Sami and Madison were still working together.

Sami made the mistake of telling Will that people are going to assume that his problems are her fault.  She should have kept her mouth shut because Will went off on her.  Sami needs to stop worrying about how she will look if she wants to talk to Will again. 

Samiís getting what she deserves.  Kate wants to go to the police because she has a mole in her company.  Sami shouldnít have agreed to help Madison by being a spy for her. 

Itís hard to believe that Sami couldnít find anyone else to watch her kids while sheís away.  Caroline is always watching them so why couldnít she do it now?  Sami was being manipulative by using the kids to get Rafe to get to take her back.

We donít like how John and Hope are suddenly having flashbacks of being together.  We are Bo/Hope and John/Marlena fans so we donít want to see them (especially Bo and Hope) split up again.

We were glad that Rafe didnít give in to Samiís trick to lure him back into her life.  She tried to use the kids to get him to forgive her, but it didnít work. He didnít go running back to her the way she thought.

Nicole doesnít want to tell EJ about being pregnant.  We remember that she judged Sami so harshly when she tried to keep her pregnancy from EJ and now Nicoleís doing the same thing.

We loved it when EJ called Sami a selfish little b*tch.  She acted as if EJ didnít have a right to be upset because losing Nicole wasnít the same as how she lost Rafe and Will.  She as well as EJ were at fault and deserved to lose their families.  Samiís ďlossĒ wasnít any worse than EJís ďlossĒ.

It was too easy for Abby to find out where Austin took Carrie.  All she had to do was check his computer and she found out where they went.  What if he called and made the reservations?  She didnít know that he didnít call, but she was able to find out where they went.

Melanie must have forgotten that Gabi wanted to go out with Chad.  Melanie went out with him anyway.  She didnít tell Gabi that she was going to date him.  We hope Gabi steals Chad away from Melanie.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 5/9/12

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