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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/30/12 Ė 2/3/12

Does Marlena get paid with potato chips?  She could take care of the bills that she and John have.  She should have something from her time as a psychiatrist.

Sami has a lot of nerve getting upset seeing Rafe and Carrie dancing together when she did worse than dancing with EJ.  She should have been a little more understanding about seeing them together instead of jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Hope had the chance to see what was in the safety deposit box, but chickened out.  Now she has the gall to demand that Stefano open the box so she could see whatís in the box.  Stefano shouldnít give in to what Hope wants because she canít make up her mind.

Does Abby have to wear a sign on her for Austin to see that she has feelings for him?  Abby was going overboard praising Austin.  She was a little too happy that Austin had a fight with Carrie.

It didnít take long for Sami to snap at John.  All he did was try to talk to her about working for Kate and whether it was worth it.  She went ballistic when she thought he was implying that she wasnít being a good mother.  John wasnít saying that, but it didnít take much for her to snap at him.  He could have asked her about the weather and Sami would have flipped out.

Are we supposed to forget that Sami sends her kids to Caroline?  Sami is not the great mother that she and John made her out to be.  She wasnít there for her kids before she worked for Madison and sheís not there for them now.

Jennifer was beyond upset that Abby was offered a chance to model.  Jennifer acted as if Madison wanted Abby to rob a bank or something.  We wonder what Jennifer has against modeling.

Why would Madison start the plan to send Sami to Countess W if she was going to back out of the deal?  How did she think Sami was going to leave Countess W after she betrayed Kate?

EJ told Nicole that he was blackmailing Will.  EJ wasnít supposed to tell Willís secret.  Will EJ always jump through flaming hoops for Nicole?  If Will hadnít committed a crime, he could have told what EJ did.

We loved how Will finally told Sami that he saw her with EJ.  We were cheering Will on while he was ripping her a new one.  Sami was carrying on as if she didnít do anything wrong so Will telling her off was a great reminder.

We couldnít believe Samiís gall.  She tried to make excuses for being with EJ.  She was wrong, but couldnít accept it.  Weíre happy that Will didnít let Sami get away with making excuses for cheating on Rafe.

We loved the look on Lexieís face when EJ mentioned the indiscretions that happened in Abeís marriage.  She certainly didnít expect her affair to come out during the debate.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 5/9/12

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