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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/23/12 – 1/27/12

Why would Brady keep going to Quinn’s spa when he’s still upset about how he pimped out Chloe?  It doesn’t make any sense for Brady to give Quinn his business when he knows what Quinn did.

Speaking of Quinn, it’s obvious that the writers want us to forgive Quinn for what he’s done.  That explains why Quinn conveniently helped Chloe’s show be a success and Brady gave him credit for Carly being sober.

Jennifer has a huge ego.  She assumed that Daniel was leaving town because of her.  Did she forget that Daniel has to give up being a surgeon?  That might have a little something to do with why he wanted to leave.

Brady had a lot of nerve questioning why Madison would want to take Kate down.  He obviously forgot that he took Titan away from Victor.  Victor is Brady’s grandfather and he still took the company from him.

What was the point of Bo and Hope going through the trouble of finding the person who shared the box with Alice?  Hope ended up not opening the box anyway.  They wasted their time luring Stefano to the town square if they weren’t going to open up the box.

Abe shouldn’t keep the fact that he wants to fight dirty in the election from Lexie.  She has been going out of her way to drive it home that Abe is so honest and she will look like a fool when she finds out that Abe is fighting dirty too.

The writers are clearly driving a wedge between Austin and Carrie so that they can break them up.  The writers obviously want to make it possible for Abby and Rafe to come between Austin and Carrie.

Sami had a lot of nerve throwing up in Rafe’s face that she brings home the paycheck so she can be a spy for Madison.  Rafe never threw up in his face that he brought home the paycheck when she wasn’t working.  Right, the writers want to find a way to break up Sami and Rafe the same way they want to break up Austin and Carrie.

We remember when Madison had a baby when Sami went to Quinn’s spa, but she keeps going there.  Why would she want to go to the spa when he sells Kate’s products?

Speaking of Madison, she must be very insecure about her company because she is always making catty comments about Kate’s products.  Does Madison really have nothing else better to do than to make catty comments about Kate?

Hope needs to make up her mind about whether she wants to open up the safety deposit box.  She had the key in the box, but she changed her mind and didn’t want to open it.  Now she wants Stefano to tell her what was in the box.

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Page updated 5/9/12

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