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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/16/12 – 1/20/12

Bo and Hope tried to throw their weight around with Mr. Simpson (the bank manager), but it didn’t work.  They couldn’t make him change his mind about letting her open Alice’s safety deposit box.

Jennifer and Nicole’s catfight was pretty good.  It was good to see Jennifer take the gloves off with Nicole instead of just letting Nicole walk all over her.  It was also good to see Nicole put Jennifer in her place about what she’s doing with Daniel and Jack.

Is it going to take a brick for Sami to realize that Will knows about her affair?  Will all but told her that he knew about her fling, but she didn’t get it.  Will obviously has to draw her a picture for her to get it.

Why would Sami suggest that Gabi be a spokesperson for Countess W?  Gabi broke Will’s heart so you would think that Sami wouldn’t want to work with Gabi.

We are so sick of the writers going overboard trying to make Melanie look like the good one in her story with Abby and Chad.  Melanie comes off like a martyr while Abby looks like a hateful witch for not forgiving her for falling for Chad.  We are not buying it.  We don’t think Melanie is the saint the way the writers want us to believe.  Abby’s not right either, but that doesn’t mean that we think Melanie is right.

It shouldn’t have been hard for Abe to figure out who stole his jobs plan.  He saw Will near his computer so it shouldn’t have been much of a leap that Will did it.

Does Marlena enjoy the sound of her own voice?  She knows that Will is not going to talk to Sami about what he saw (Sami and EJ having sex), but she keeps telling him to talk to Sami.

Sami will never learn.  She couldn’t listen to Marlena warning her about Will without mentioning herself.  Sami wonders why Will is so nasty to her.  Sami is no different from Will since she’s being such a witch (with a capital B) to Marlena.

EJ knows that Nicole is like a dog with a bone when she wants to know something so it shouldn’t surprise him that she wanted to know why he hired Will to work for him.

Daniel told Melanie and Maggie that he was leaving Salem.  We weren’t the least bit surprised that Melanie tried to make his leaving about her.  She was worried how his leaving would affect her.

It was good to see Marlena try to put EJ in his place about having Will work for him.  EJ didn’t seem threatened by her warning, but it was good to see her try to stand up to EJ.

Why does Stefano even try to reach out to Chad?  Chad was being a complete jerk when Stefano wanted to repair their relationship.  Chad may as well kick Stefano in the head because it would hurt less than his attitude.

We couldn’t believe that Madison was able to pull a fast one on Kate.  Madison and Sami were working together against Kate.  That was a good plan for Madison to pull off on Kate.  Sami on the other hand, shouldn’t have taken the risk of turning on Kate because she took the time to help her when EJ was going to take the kids from her.

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Page updated 5/8/12

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