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The City / Loving Characters

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Alex Masters (A.K.A. Clay Alden)
Deborah Brewster Alden 
Cabot Alden 
Curtis Alden
Dillon Hornsby 
Zoey/Mary Katherine 
Bernardo Castro
Lily Slater
Staige Prince 
Frankie Hubbard 
Louie Slavinski
Isabelle Alden
Patricia 'Trisha' Alden Sowolsky Hartman McKenzie
Doug Donovan
Rita Mae Bristow 
Jenny Baylor 
Alexis Masters
Nick Rivers 
Colby Cantrell
Paul Slavinsky 
Johnny Forbes 
F.B.I. Agent Carolyn 
Roger Forbes
Lyndon "Buck" Huston 
Noreen Vochek Donovan, R.N.
Leo Burnell 
Jack Forbes
Pat Baxter 
Azure C./Lee Chen 
Shana Sloane Vochek
Dante Partou/Joe Young 
Dinah Lee Mayberry Alden
Taylor Stone
Egypt Jones Masters 
Maria Soleito 
Dinae Winston 
Eban Japes 
Giff Bowman  
John Rescott 
Garth Slater 
Tyler Alden
Tyler Alden
Mark/Ned Ashton 
Isabelle Alden
Lieutenant Art Hindman 
Kevin Larkin 
Carmine Soleito 
Tyler Alden
Cecilia Thompson Sowolsky
Trudy Malone 
Judd Beecham
Murray Golden 
Molly Malone/Sandra Carlson 
Tracy Quartermaine Ashton Williams Hornsby Soleito
Connie Soleito 
Ann Alden Forbes
Charles Harrison 
Jared Chase 
Sydney Chase/Debbie Tompkins 
Jeff Hartman
Kelly Conway 
Rick Stewart Alden
Joanna Roberts 
Ceara Connor Hunter
Tim Sullivan
Zack Conway 
Hannah Mayberry
Nick Dinatos
Wendell Barnes 
Sam Fletcher
Marty Edison 
Judy Silver 
Brianna Hawkins
Marge/Lila Quartermaine 
Mrs. Haversham 
Tyler Alden
Darryl Hassey 
Neil Warren 
Cecilia Thompson Sowolsky
Charles Hartman 
Eric, the bartender 
Steffi Brewster 
Lily Slater
Dane Hammond 
Tess Wilder Partou 
Malcolm Christopher
Heather Forbes
Lotty Bates Alden
Sergeant Graham 
Isabelle Alden
George/Fr. Luke Fletcher 
Cesar Faison 
Kent Winslow 
Rebecca Wooden 
Curtis Alden
Steve Sowolsly 
Heather Forbes 
Heather Forbes 
Merrill Vochek 
Rose Donovan
Patrick Donovan
Shana Sloane Vocheck Burnell 
Mike Donovan
Danny Roberts 
Norma Gilpin 
D.A. Pierce 
Bonnie Rescott Davis 
Tommy Kessel 
Lucy Dolan 
Jeremy Hunter 
Nicky Masters 
Christopher McKenzie 
Billy Bristow 
Millicent Whitehead
Jocelyn Roberts Brown 
John Garcia 
Curtis Alden
Ava Rescott Forbes Alden Masters
Father Matchett 
Linc Beecham
Jeff Hartman  
Tony Benedict
Clay Alden
Curtis Alden
Marty Burns 
Gino Soleito
Abril Domeq Alden 
Todd Jones
Noreen Vochek Donovan, R.N.
Nurse McPherson 
Tony Perelli
Ava Rescott Forbes Alden Masters
Kayla Jones 
Dinah Lee Mayberry Alden McKenzie
Sandra Thorpe 
Dr. Angie Baxter Hubbard Harrison 
Dr. Marino 
Tyler Alden
Tyler Alden
Janey Sinclair 
Rick Stewart Alden
Sherri Watley 
Keith Lane /Jonathan Matalaine 
Dr. Johanna Sachs
Rob Carpenter 
Richard Wilkins 
Tony Soleito 
Andrew Gross 
Lorna Forbes Conway
Clay Alden
Liam Hopkins 
Joseph Soleito, Sr. 
Ava Rescott Forbes Alden Masters
Cabot Alexander "Sandy" Masters 
Ned Bates
Dan Hollister 
Kristin Larsen
Tug Watley 
Rebecca Beecham 
Alexis Masters
Elizabeth Barnes
Flynn Reilly 
Carly Rescott Alden 
Tony Perelli
Rico Giardano 
Mike Chamberlain 
Christy Connor 
Kate Rescott Slavinsky 
Lorraine Hawkins 
Unknown (1987)
Lotty Bates Alden
Gwyneth Alden
J.J. Forbes 
Denise Nostrand 
Roger Forbes
Joey Soleito 
Tommy Fontana 
Gino Soleito
Melanie Jackson 
Patrick Donovan
Amelia "Rocky" McKenzie Domeq 
Cecilia Thompson Sowolsky
Jeff Hartman
Jack Forbes  
Casey Bowman
Rose Donovan
Linc Beecham
Stacey Donovan Forbes Alden
Rio Domeq 
Hunter Beldon 
Donna Soleito 
Lou Roberts
Gwyneth Alden  
Trucker McKenzie 
Carla Soleito 
Malcolm Christopher
Lorna Forbes Conway
Sherri Watley
Cooper Alden 
Ann Alden Forbes
J.J. Forbes 
June Slater
Jacob Foster/Jacob Johnson 
Joe Morgan
April Hathaway 
Matthew Ford 
Ally Rescott Alden Bowman
Judd Beecham

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