The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/15/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy suggests another ride to Liam and then go to Santa Barbra. Liam remembers he has to go to dinner with Hope. Steffy wonders if Liam will go through another wedding. Steffy compares Brooke to Hope. Steffy does not think the wedding will last. Liam explains that Steffy taught him how to have fun and does not want to lose her friendship. Liam says he has to go but Steffy won't allow him to and tells him that it’s the bachelor party.

Hope explains to Stephanie that this will be her real wedding. Stephanie tries to figure out how the wedding will work in just one day. Pam walks in with a clip board and explains what she will need for a wedding. Brooke does not think that the wedding will need to be that big. Pam is shocked she is just learning these things. Pam agrees to keep it small but she is going to have a chocolate fountain still. Stephanie explains this is just going to be a family gathering. Pam makes sure that they are having a wedding cake. Hope agrees to have one and woman named Amelia walks in and says she has flowers. She recommends an Asian themed wedding.

Liam and Steffy spend time with each other at Venice Beach. They watch different activities and have a good time laughing and smiling also dancing.

Brooke and Hope agree that they should have never let Pam plan the wedding. Pam brings in a food planner and Stephanie has a list of things for them to prepare.

Steffy and Liam play a game of volley ball together with a group of other people on the beach.

Brooke tells Hope Donna can't come but Katie will be there. Hope thanks Stephanie for helping out with the wedding. Brooke wonders if she can help. Stephanie says no. Brooke explains Ridge will be designing the dress. Hope tells everyone that she loves Liam and that this all feels like a dream that you can't touch but now she can.

Steffy and Liam get back to the house. Steffy explains that she thinks it is a mistake that Liam is going back to Hope. Steffy asks Liam to think about the fact that Liam kept telling her she needed this and wants him to wonder why. Liam thinks he has been stressed. Steffy agrees that Hope has stressed him out and wonders if it will ever change. Steffy tells him sorry for getting nosey and starts to leave. Liam explains to Steffy thanks for the day and he hopes she knows that he cares for Steffy. Steffy does not think it will be easy to know that she will not have Liam in his life. Steffy wants to know why he is doing this. Steffy tells Liam he loves her and starts hugging him. Steffy tells him to be happy and walks out.

Stephanie finds Hope and assumed that she left. Hope explains that she wanted to thank her one last time. Stephanie explains that she loves her and always has. Hope jokes that she should have walked her down the aisle. Stephanie starts laughing but starts to cough and Hope refuses to leave if she is hurt. Hope calls Liam and explains that she can't come right now and can’t tell him why. She tells him that she loves him and good bye. Stephanie does not think she has to do this. Hope does not care. Stephanie explains that she was just coughing from laughing. Hope does not believe it. Stephanie tries to get rid of her. Hope explains that she is taking care of Stephanie.

Steffy talks to Ramona and her other friends at a club and Liam walks and they spot each other. Steffy wonders what he is doing there. Liam explains that Hope stood him up and he wanted to be with Steffy on his last night as a free man. The two start to dance together.

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