The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/14/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy wakes up at her hotel with Liam lying at the other end of the bed. Steffy wakes up Liam and the two say hello to each other. Liam wonders where they were. The two figures out they slept at the hotel pool. Liam starts to remember what happened the night before.

Hope thanks Brooke and Ridge for helping her with what she needs to do. Brooke explains that everyone is going to have an opinion on the subject. Stephanie and Rick walk in and Hope asks if Liam and her can get married in their house.

Katie explains to Bill that Hope is staying away. Bill thinks that this is ridicules and explains he is trying to embrace Hope but how is he going to. Bill does not think that things will work out if Hope runs off every time they have an argument. Katie wonders if Bill can see her side of this. Bill does not.

Stephanie and Eric are shocked to hear that Hope wants. Stephanie has a problem with this. Stephanie does not think that Hope should even be getting married.

Steffy tells Liam that he should come to Forester for a fitting for a jump suit because Hope is going to impression him. Steffy thinks Hope is going to go crazy housewife on him and does not think that Liam is ready to change. Steffy explains Liam can't go to work until they finish his bucket list (a list of things before he is legally married to Hope).

Katie wonders if Bill has been keeping secrets. Bill explains nothing he knows but if Hope keeps leaving. Katie does not think that anything is going to happen. Bill thinks Liam needs his wife. Katie sits on Bill and explains that Hope wants another wedding. Bill wonders if Hope ever gets tired of planning weddings.

Hope is not going to be inviting Steffy to the wedding and Stephanie agrees to it. Stephanie decides to accept Hopes request.

Liam gets a call from Hope. Hope explains that Stephanie agreed to the wedding. Liam tells Hope that it's great. Liam explains that he wants her home. Hope tells him that it won't be long. Steffy wonders what she was talking about. Liam explains that they are getting married there. Steffy does not feel great about it but will go along with it. Steffy tells Liam that the reason she kidnapped him is because once he is married he will never have a fun and wild time.

Katie does not blame Hope for wanting a do over with what happened at the wedding. Katie wonders what inspired Deacon to show up at the wedding. Bill explains that he has better things to think about then Hope's wedding. Katie loves that Bill still is romantic even though she is pregnant and they kiss.

Eric wonders what kind of ceremony Hope wants. Hope wants a better wedding than the rest and to just be married.

Stephanie asks Ridge when everyone is going to stop playing a game and stop with this Liam thing. Stephanie knows everyone knows that Liam and Steffy love each other.

Steffy makes Liam get on her bike and the two go off. Liam puts his hands around Steffy's waste. The drive through LA on the freeway.

Brooke is impressed that Stephanie allowed the wedding. Hope is so happy that she said yes. Hope wonders if she is wrong for excluding Steffy. Brooke thinks nothing is wrong. Hope wants to just be married and free.

Liam and Steffy end up in Venice. Liam is shocked about the ride. Steffy wants Liam to have fun and to be able to enjoy. Steffy wants Liam not to marry Hope. Liam explains he is tempted and he has more fun with her and stops himself from saying Hope. Steffy jokes and says that he is not ready to let her go.

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