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Written By Rachna
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Steffy tells Liam that she canít believe heís here. Liam says that Hope cancelled dinner plans and tells Steffy itís not a big deal. He says heíll see Hope at the altar tomorrow but tonight heís dancing. He finishes his vodka shot and takes Steffy to the club dance floor where they dance.

Stephanie tells Hope she should not have cancelled her dinner plans. She says she only coughed because she was laughing. Hope says she can say whatever she wants to but sheís not leaving until she is sure Stephanie is okay. Stephanie asks if Liam was disappointed. Hope says it is the night before their wedding and sheís sure Liam has a million things to do to keep him busy.

Brooke and Ridge kiss and share a moment. Brooke asks about Hope. Ridge tells her she had plans and says until she comes back they have the whole house to themselves. They continue kissing.

Stephanie tells Hope sheís as bad as her mother. Hope says if she means that as in how good her mom takes care of her then sheíll take it as a compliment. Stephanie says itís not that, itís that she drives her crazy like Brooke. Hope asks her if sheís stressed about the wedding because itíll be in her home but Stephanie says sheís not and tells Hope she shouldnít be either.When Hope says she just wants her wedding to be perfect Stephanie says it will be and tells her that she has nothing to worry about. Hope nods and smiles.

Ramona who is also at the club comes over to Steffy after she saw her dancing with Liam. She asks her what happened. When Steffy says Hope cancelled Ramona excitedly asks if she cancelled the wedding. Steffy says dinner plans. More people from Aspen come over and as Liam talks to them Steffy is asked if Liam is getting tomorrow or not. Steffy says he might not be if someone changes his mind tonight. Smirking she goes back to dancing.

Brooke tells Ridge that she was shocked when Stephanie agreed to have the wedding at her house. She says though Stephanie and Hope do have the fact that they like elegant weddings in common. Brooke also says that this means that Stephanie really does love Hope. Smiling, Ridge says maybe just maybe this will help bring the family together. Brooke says that is a wonderful thought as they smile at each other.

Hope talks to Stephanie about how Steffy thinks she brought all this - the problems she is having with Liam- onto herself. She says she doesnít understand why she needs to have this wedding again or why she canít stay with Liam right now. Hope admits that it has been really hard for her but says that she has got to get beyond what happened between Steffy and Liam.

She says though those images are really scarred in her brain. She say this is why she thinks another wedding will help because at least then those bad things wonít have happened on her wedding day. Hope asks Stephanie is that is crazy. Stephanie smiles and says no and says if it gives her peace of mind then she should do it. Hope says thank you. Stephanie nods before saying sheís just not sure Liam and her are ready for this making Hope tense.

Steffyís friends ask Steffy what he is doing. Steffy watches Liam dancing and she says having fun. They say yes, the night before his wedding with his ex-wife. Steffy says that Hope cancelled on him because she was too busy either folding napkins or working on her seating arrangement for her wedding. She says Liam just didnít want to spend his last night of freedom alone. Her friends say that they can understand that. Steffy says thank you and laughs. Liam comes over, drunk and says that he told the bartender that he is getting married tomorrow and he said heís keep the drinks coming. Liam then makes a toast to tonight. Steffy laughs and they all clink bottles.

Brooke says that sheís so proud of Hope. Ridge says that she should be because Hope has shown a lot of strength. He says so has Steffy but Brooke says Hope doesnít want to focus on Steffy and says they should not either.

Ridge reminds Brooke that what happened in Italy was a misunderstanding. Brooke shifts the focus on their upcoming wedding. She says as soon as Liam and Hope marry, itís their turn. Ridge says itís strange but this wedding will be the least dramatic of their weddings. Brooke says there will be no drama at Hope and Liamís wedding tomorrow either. She says that they are past that.

Hope asks Stephanie if she thinks Liam and her should not marry. Stephanie says itís just that they are both so young. She says a little more life experience wouldnít hurt. Hope says but Liam and her have experience. She says most couples their age just think about the worse that could happen.

She says that Liam and her have lived that, a couple of times. Stephanie tells Hope that what Liam and her have faced are little bumps in the road. She says if Hope plans to spend her life with Liam then she better prepare herself for a lot worse. Hope mockingly says that was very uplifting. Stephanie says no one wants to hear reality and talks about how when she got married she thought that everything was going to go exactly as she planned.

Hope asks if it did. Stephanie says Eric and her may be in a good place now but it took a long, long time to get here. She says that Hope and Liam are young and if Hope marries Liam then she will change in ways that she canít even begin to imagine. Hope says then Liam and her will experience that together. Stephanie says it wasnít too long ago that Steffy said those exact words to her. Hope says Stephanie wants Liam to go with Steffy. Stephanie corrects her and says she wants Steffy to be happy but she wants her to be happy too. She says thatís the big dilemma. Hope nods in understanding.

Steffy sees that Liam has put on a lamp shade while dancing. She says heís crazy but Ramona says itís a good thing to see him having fun, especially with her. Ramona says but maybe someone should tell him to slow down. Steffy says no and says this could be the last night he has like this. Liam pulls Steffy to the dance floor and Steffy laughs and has fun while dancing with Liam.

Steffy tells Liam that sheís taking him home now. Liam protests but Steffy tells him to stay right here while she calls a car. Liam says thatís cool as he drunkenly dances while he waits. Brooke and Ridge remember their memories and continue to make love. Hope tells Stephanie that she appreciates her advice. Stephanie says sheís not going to listen to her though. Hope says sheís marrying Liam.

Stephanie says okay then she will do her best to make it perfect for her. Hope says that she wishes she had her blessings too. Stephanie says itís just so clear to her that Liam still has unresolved feelings for Steffy. Stephanie asks Hope what the hurry is to get married anyway. Hope says she thinks itís her way to rebel. She laughs and says a Logan planning a traditional wedding is just about as outrageous as she can get. Stephanie laughs and says okay and hugs Hope. Hope smiles and hugs her back.

Steffy comes back to tell Liam the car is ready only to find him not there. She ask Ramona where he went and Ramona tells her he went with the others. Steffy finally finds Liam in the crowd.

She tells him she told him not to go anywhere and turns him around only to have her jaw drop open when she does.

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