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It is nighttime in Los Angeles; a full moon is present. At his Malibu home, Liam is telling Steffy that Hope is staying at Brooke’s for a while. Liam announces Hope’s intention of having another wedding ceremony. All Steffy hears is more excuses. Steffy reminds Liam that Hope walked out on him. Liam insists Hope will move back in. Steffy isn’t buying it. In fact, Steffy thinks Hope will end up leaving Liam again sometime in the future. Steffy gets a brilliant idea to help Liam get over Hope. Steffy says she’s kidnapping Liam for the night so she can give him a lesson on how to live.

At home, Ridge pours some champagne for Brooke. They are just about to relax when Hope walks down the staircase and relays that she saw Liam. Brooke is happy to hear Liam asked Hope to come home. Hope admits she and Liam had a great talk, but she’s not ready to move back in with him. Hope hates being apart from Liam, but she feels this is the only way to move on. Brooke fears Liam might be dealing with abandonment issues considering he’s a Spencer. Hope says Liam understands where she’s coming from, but Brooke isn’t as certain. Hope tells Brooke and Ridge that she wants to plan another wedding. Without knocking, Pam barges through the front door. Pam complains about the humidity, and then hands Ridge the quarterly he requested. Ridge tells Pam that these aren’t the documents he wanted. Pam agrees to call Madison at the office. Quietly, Brooke asks Hope if she has any idea when the wedding would be. Brooke thinks it would be best if Hope has the wedding in Ridge’s home. However, Hope is thinking she wants to get married at Eric and Stephanie’s mansion. Ridge can’t believe what he’s hearing. Hope goes on about marrying Liam in their “family home”, a place where they all gather for holidays and celebrations. Being nosy, Pam asks Hope why she’s planning another wedding since she married Liam in Italy. No one wants to tell Pam anything more, but Ridge says the marriage isn’t legal in the state of California. Pam thinks it’s strange Hope moved out of Liam’s home. Hope makes it clear she didn’t “move out” – she will go back once they are officially married. Brooke wants Hope to reconsider getting married at Eric and Stephanie’s, but Hope loves the idea. Ridge agrees to look into it, which makes Brooke even more upset. Hope says Italy was nice, but it holds too many tainted memories for her. Hope wants a simple yet elegant ceremony surrounded by family. Hope makes it clear Steffy is not invited this time. Hope says she wants to start wedding preparations right away. Pam interjects that she would be great as Hope’s wedding planner. Brooke reminds Hope to keep things simple. Hope wants her wedding day to be one she’s proud of. Hope is adamant that nothing will ruin her wedding to Liam.

At her mother’s beach house, Caroline and Thomas share a passionate kiss after swimming. Danielle interrupts the intimate moment at the worst time. Caroline is visibly uncomfortable. Thomas says he and Caroline just went for a swim. Danielle suggests Caroline move back in with her and Karen. Caroline is surprised. Danielle says she misses Karen while she’s away on business. Caroline apologizes for not visiting much lately, and then goes on to tell Danielle about her latest detective work. Thomas leans in and kisses Caroline again – right in front of Danielle. Thomas and Caroline sit down with Danielle to tell her about exonerating Marcus. Danielle thinks Thomas and Caroline make a “great team.” Thomas compares Danielle to Stephanie because they both said the same thing. Thomas and Caroline are holding hands. Thomas remembers he needs to call Steffy to see how she’s faring. Caroline says Steffy still loves Liam. Danielle is surprised to learn Liam and Hope’s marriage isn’t official. Caroline pipes in about Thomas once dating Hope. Thomas says Steffy and Liam are meant for each other. Thomas stands up to call his sister. Danielle witnesses how Caroline stares lovingly at Thomas.

Steffy drags Liam to a nightclub, something he is uncomfortable about. They run into Ramona, Steffy’s friend from Aspen. Ramona says she’s in Los Angeles for a few days. Liam makes a comment about already being drenched in sweat. Ramona offers to get them some drinks. Liam isn’t happy about being at the club. Steffy starts to dance; she swears to Liam that she’s not trying to seduce him. Steffy wishes Liam would chill out and have some fun. Steffy grabs Liam’s hand and forces him onto the dance floor. Liam begins to move around. Steffy is happy to see Liam slowly starting to loosen up. Steffy receives a phone call from Thomas. Thomas asks where Steffy is since he can barely hear her. Steffy says she took Liam to a dance club. Steffy criticizes Hope for being immature and not ready for marriage. Steffy sums it up by telling Thomas that her mission is to save Liam from Hope. Steffy returns to find Liam dancing. They have some drinks; Steffy appears to want to get Liam drunk. Steffy heads over toward the male deejay. The deejay introduces Steffy Forrester to the crowd. Steffy addresses the group, saying that everyone needs to get on the dance floor. A techno beat begins playing. Ramona laughs at Liam’s dance moves.

Outside on the terrace, Thomas is rolling an ice cube on Caroline’s skin. They are flirting back and forth with each other. Caroline brings up missing New York, but is thankful she came to Los Angeles because she met Thomas. Caroline misses the sounds of the city because they would “soothe” her. Thomas asks Caroline to close her eyes. Thomas grabs his phone and finds an app with the sounds of New York City. Caroline smiles as she listens to the city noise. Thomas asks Caroline if she feels better, then kisses her on the mouth.

Liam continues to dance at the club. Once the song ends, Steffy says she’s dedicating the next one to her friend because he needs to be reminded how it feels to be free. Steffy hugs the deejay before joining Liam on the dance floor. Liam is finally admitting that Steffy’s idea to go dancing was a good one. In fact, Liam says the whole thing is “awesome”. Steffy moves closer to Liam. Whispering, Steffy tells Liam that he needs to let Hope go.

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