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The Bold & Beautiful Trading Page

B&B DVD and Tape Trading!

Please email us if you would like to be listed here!

  • has various years of B&B full episodes, as well as edits of Sheila, Sally, Amber and Brooke to trade. 
  • is looking for a copy of the Feb. 8, 2006 episose of the Bold and the Beautiful (about Bridget's miscarriage).
  • Dominick  is looking for B&B episodes from when the Forresters and Spectras went to Portofino, Italy.
  • is looking for updates for B&B from Jan 16,2001-Nov. 1,2001, particularly Ridge/Taylor scenes with their children.
  • needs to find the Bold & The Beautiful episode for Friday, May 14th, 2004 so please email him if you can provide it....
  • Jane is looking for the 12/20/06 episode.
  • Jill wants to find the episodes that aired a few weeks ago-the episodes where Hector tells Samantha caitlin is her daughter and when Hector and Sam tell Caitlin Samantha is her mom-also any previous episodes of Samantha and Caitlin starting when they met up till the reunion.
  • Karl needs to find the episode that aired Thursday, January 29 2004.
  • Lynn is looking for old episodes of B&B.
  • is looking for B&B tapes with Taylor from before she left the show, to help a friend in Malaysia catch up.
  • Matthew  is looking for old episodes for his mom as a gift.
  • Melanie is looking for episodes from before Taylor died.
  • Michael is looking for episodes of B&B from Mar. 6, 2001 to Dec. 8, 2006. He can exchange Sunset Beach and Melrose Place episodes on DVD for B&B episodes on video or DVD.
  • Michelle is looking for videos of the show whenJustin Torkildsen was on (2000-2002).
  • Nadja  is looking for copies of the show from 1987 on (either PAL or NTSC is fine). She has very good quality tapes from March 2003 to now in PAL format.
  • is looking for episodes of B&B from the beginning until now. 
  • is looking for the 10/25/05 episode of B&B.
  • Robert has many old soap DVD's from the 60's through 80's, including B&B!
  • Shadia is looking for any episodes between 1997 until 2004. 
  • Thane's Episodes Wanted
  • Travis is looking for old episodes from January of 2001 to around October of 2002 which involve the Amber and Deacon storyline.

Page updated 8/8/12

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