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The Bold & Beautiful Trivia Quizzes

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Quiz #9
By Jennifer

  1. Who won the Spectra/Forrester fashion show?
    A. Spectra
    B. Forrester
    C. Calvin Klein
    D. They pick their names out of a hat

  2. Who made the calls and wrote letters to international to reinstate Gabbie’s citizenship?
    A. Mother Teresa
    B. I did it to piss off Taylor
    C. Your mama because she felt like it
    D. Taylor Forrester

  3. Who is the sole owner of Forrester Creations according to the trust?
    A. Stephanie Douglas
    B. Joe Blow
    C. Curly Sue
    D. Thomas Forrester

  4. What is the one thing that Stephanie didn’t write down on those posters to Eric?
    A. I LoveYou
    B. You’re Fired
    C. Liar
    D. Cheater

  5. Where was Brooke hiding from Nick on Nick’s boat?
    A. Underneath the bed
    B. In the oven
    C. Underneath the sink
    D. In Nick’s pants

  6. Where did Stephanie claim to her family that she will move to?
    A. The moon
    B. Brooke’s hair
    C. Off the face of the earth
    D. Florida

  7. Who has regrets that they blew their savings at Spectra for the competition?
    A. Me, because I love Spectra
    B. The dog next door
    C. Thorne
    D. Lily Winters from Young and the Restless

  8. Who crossed over to Bold and the Beautiful as the board trustees met over Stephanie’s document?
    A. Katherine Chancellor
    B. Godzilla
    C. Jack Abbott
    D. Neil Armstrong

  9. How many pounds did the doctor say that Bridget has to gain by her next appointment?
    A. 4
    B. Until she is big as a house
    C. 1000 pounds
    D. 50 pounds

  10. Who kissed and is in love with Taylor besides her husband Ridge?
    A. Hector
    B. Thomas Forrester
    C. Eric Forrester
    D. Kevin Fisher from Young and the Restless




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Page updated 12/23/10

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