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The Bold & Beautiful Links Page

B&B Links Page

Add Your Bold & Beautiful Link!                                       Links checked 4/8/12 by Gisele

Official Sites

Please note: Anyone can put up a web site, or a blog, or Twitter account or Facebook page and claim to be a celebrity. We try to only put sites we are fairly sure are that person, but we don't claim to be perfect! So just please be aware of that when visiting these pages...

CBS: Bold and The Beautiful
Bold and the Beautiful - The Official Site to the show.

Bold & Beautiful Official Site
The new official site for the show.

Jennifer Gareis Facebook & Twitter Pages
For the actress who plays Donna.

Lesli Kay (Felicia) on Twitter!

Kyle Lowder on Twitter
If you join Twitter, add Kyle (Rick) and read what he says on his tweets.

Daniel McVicar Official Site
Official site for the actor who plays Clarke.

Ronn Moss Official Site
Great site for the actor who plays Ridge.

Maeve Quinlan Facebook & Twitter Pages
Official sites for the actress who plays Megan.

Hunter Tylo
Official page for Hunter Tylo, who played Robin. Also, follow her on Twitter and Facebook!


Brandon Beemer
Twitter page for the actor who played Owen.

Kimberlin Brown on Twitter
Follow the actress who played Sheila!

Peter Brown Fan Site
Official site for the actor who played Blake.

Ian Buchanan on Twitter
Follow the actor who played James.

Robert Clary
Official site for the actor who played Pierre.

Wil deVry
Official site of the actor who played Storm.

Lesley-Anne Down Official Site
Very nice site for the actress who played Jackie.

The official site for the actress who played Macy.

The Official Andrea Evans Web Site
Official page for the actress who played Tawny--lots of great stuff and heavy on multimedia.

Sean Kanan Official Website
For the actor who played Deacon.  Also, here's his official Twitter Page and "The Modern Gentleman" Blog.

Lorenzo Lamas Official Site
Official site for the actress who played Hector.

Mario Lopez (ex-Christian) on Twitter!

The Official Joseph Mascolo Home Page
Official site for the actor who played Massimo.

Julie Pinson Online
Official site for the actress who played Shiloh!
Follow her on Twitter

The Official Jeff Trachta Homepage
The latest news about the singer/actor and tons of other stuff.
Site about the singer/actor who played Raymond. Also, here's his official Twitter page.

Paul Williams Music And Acting Page
All about the singer/songwriter/actor who played Bailey.
General B&B Pages

Weekly games, polls and awards.

The World of B&B - Scott Novick
Check out this great page for Scoops, News, Polls, Trivia, B&B around the world and more! Always updated either weekly or daily! logo's B&B Site
Links, articles and weekly scoops

Auli's The Bold And The Beautiful Site
Info about all the cast/characters.

SoapCentral's page for the show, with news, message boards, cast info, etc.

Beautiful B&B wallpapers
Photobucket site with tons of wallpapers

The Best German Site
Here you can find German history, weddings, many photos, cast list, and so on.

The Bold And The Beautiful
Cool German television network page for the show.

The Bold and The Beautiful Fanpage
Main page for her B&B info and pictures, plus pages for Ridge, Taylor, and Brooke with tons more pictures and stuff.

Brooke's Bold and Beautiful Page
Brooke maintains this fan page for you all - enjoy!

Beautiful Party
Italian site with lots of great stuff.

Buddy TV Bold & The Beautiful Site
Articles, news, and a lot more

Where to watch B&B Online (legally)

Ellie and Cilla´s B&B fansite
Info and links; outdated.

Helga`s 1. Swiss B&B Page - Reich und Schön
Swiss page for the couple and the show (in German).

Internet Movie Database
Extensive B&B cast,  plus links and reviews.

Media Domain's B&B Discussion group
The Discussion Group for B&B fans! Meet other fans of the show!

Reich Und Schön Austria
Another Austrian site; lots of info and some pictures.

Sinas Reich und Schön Board
Sinas Reich und Schön Board! Site from Switzerland/Germany

Shrine to the Soap Hunks of B&B
Lots of great photos.

Soaps French
A French B&B site.

Top Models | Amour, Gloire et Beauté | The Bold and The Beautiful
French site; nicely designed.

TV Guide Online
Great site with news, daily recaps, and a lot more

The online encyclopedia's page for B&B

Willkommen zur Auswahl der Reich und Schön Homepage von Ruth !!!
A nice German site with info about the cast, many pictures, etc.

Yahoo! Groups
Many mail groups for B&B and their actors/characters.

Usenet -  and
Newsgroups for the CBS soaps-you need a newsreader to see it. You can also read them on the web: and

Fan Pages for Current Characters/Actors


Sharpe & Sweet @
Message board for Deacon and Bridget.

Helena's Unofficial Katherine Kelly Lang Site
Helena's Tribute to Katherine Kelly Lang

Brookie Heaven
Brookie Heaven is a safe haven for us Brookie fans to talk about our favorite B&B Character no matter who she is with or who we think she is meant to be with.

Logan's Run - Brooke Logan
Join the list of her fans.

Thorne & Brooke Secret Garden
A retreat for fans of Thorne & Brooke (the best couple to ever grace B&B). The Site consists of a Message Board, Chat Room, Pictures and Videos. Throokies come join in the fun.

Bridge Forever
Ridge and Brooke, don't give up hope on this supercouple. Also discussions on different characters of the show. good spoilers. One day ahead spoiler included.

Unforgettable - Brooke and Ridge
Join the list of their fans.


The Beautiful Lesli Kay
Pretty fan page for the actress with a lot of pictures and information.

Lesli Kay Fansite
Everything about Lesli Kay. Formerly Molly McKinnon and Lois Cerullo


Patriarch - Eric Forrester
Join the list of his fans.

Eric & Stephanie

The Unofficial Website for Susan Flannery
Nice site about the actress who plays Stephanie.

Susan's site
A site dedicated to Susan Flannery in French.


Hunter Tylo Facebook fan page
Lots of photos for the actress.

Hunter Tylo Online
Lots of information about the actress who plays Taylor.

Keep Hunter Tylo On B&B As Taylor!
Sign the petition to keep Hunter Tylo on B&B as Taylor!

Hunter Tylo on the Net
Another good fan page

Hunter Tylo Fan Page
Another Facebook page

Hunter Tilo Fan Channel
Many great videos


The Kyle Lowder Experience
Fan site for the actor, from his time on Days.

Kyle Lowder Fan Websites
Links for the actor


Blue Eyes - Brandon Beemer Fanlisting
Join the list of his fans (Owen)

Changing it up
The first and the best fansite for Jacqueline MacInnes Wood who plays Steffy, containing screencaps, YouTube clips, exclusive photos and videos.

Fan Pages for Actors No Longer on the Show


Victor's Place
Fan page for Victor Alfieri, the actor who played Giovanni.

The Victor Alfieri Appreciation Page
Many pictures, bio, fanclub, etc.


An unofficial Barbara Crampton website.
Many photos and reviews of her movies.

Info about Barbara Crampton's movies

The Arrow Interviews Barbara Crampton
Obsessive movie guide site's interview


Usher bio

Usher...Always and Forever
Another fan site, nicely designed

Forever Usher
Graphic-heavy fan site


All Grown Up - Justin Torkildsen Fanlisting
Join the list of his fans (ex-Rick)

The Unofficial Justin Torkildsen/Rick Forrester Fansite
Lots of unique information/articles about the actor and character, and pictures.


Helena's Kimberlin Brown Fan Page
This page is just full of a little bit of everything for the Kimberlin Brown fan!

The Kimberlin Brown Shrine
About the actress who played Sheila. No longer updated.

Thorne & Macy

Bobbie Eakes Fan Site
Bobbie Eakes fan site that contains lots of photos, news, fun facts, and interaction page, links, and much more...

Bobbie Eakes On The Web
Please allow time for this page to load, it is full of fun things for the Bobbie Eakes fan! Join in the fun in the gallery, get to know Bobbie and more!

Bring Bobbie Eakes Back to B&B as Macy!
Sign the petition to help bring Bobbie Eakes back as Macy!

The Bobbie Eakes Picture Page
Many pictures of the actress who played Macy and links.


Ian Buchanan Online
All about the actor from when he played James.

LAM Lovers
Club for GL's Lucy and Alan-Michael Spaulding (Rick Hearst).

Something More: MacKenzie Maury
Fan site for the actress who plays Phoebe.

Maeve Quinlan - A Fan Site
Biography, filmography, photo gallery and links! Find out more about Megan, the Forrester's secretary!

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Page updated 7/27/12

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