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The Bold & Beautiful Characters Pages

B&B Character Description

Brooke Logan By Matt

Back in 1987, Brooke was a young student attending her valley college and engaged to a policeman named Dave Reed.  Brooke was from a modest family with a modest income.  Her mother, Beth, had raised Brooke and her siblings on her own.  Stephen Logan, their father, had jumped town long before.  Brooke harbored a secret crush on Ridge Forrester who was from the illustrious Forrester family and was already a big designer.  Later on that year, Brooke met Ridge while she was catering a Forrester party (her mother managed a catering business.)  There was immediate chemistry between the two, but Ridge was engaged to Caroline Spencer.  Stephanie interfered with Brooke and Ridge to assure he would marry Caroline.

After being shut down with Ridge, Brooke developed an interest in Eric Forrester, Stephanieís long time husband, whose eye had already wandered in the past.  Eventually, Eric divorced Stephanie and he and Brooke were married.  The marriage didnít last long however, though a son, Eric Forrester Jr. (Rick) was born.  Brooke and Ridge were on again and off again throughout the years and for a while Bridget was thought to be Brooke and Ridgeís child, not Brooke and Ericís.  After Taylor was presumed dead in a Middle East plane crash in 1994, Brooke and Ridge were married.  Taylor made it back to town and Brooke and Ridgeís marriage was declared invalid, though they remained together.  The happy couple didnít last long though, and eventually they split up.  Brooke had a pseudo relationship with Grant Chambers and even married him, though the marriage was invalid because the preacher was a fake.  Grant was shot by Rick, who of course didnít remember it, so Ridge took the blame.  Grant hid the truth per Ridgeís request.  After Ridge was cleared, he and Brooke reunited and were married in early 1998.  However, once Ridge found out that Brooke had hid Taylorís childís paternity from him, he left her to be with Taylor and his new son Thomas.

  Brooke tried to win Ridge back the rest of that year, but eventually gave up and set her sights on Thorne who was in an off period with Macy.  Macy and Thorne did reunite though, but Brooke didnít give up.  After a mix-up in Italy, Brooke kissed Ridge and Thorne hastily married Macy.  Brooke was made aware of Ridge and Ericís deception and was furious.  She continued to pursue Thorne and made very little effort to keep this from Macy.  The whole storyline came to a head when Brooke brought divorce papers to the Big Bear cabin for Macy to sign.  Macy became hostile and hijacked Brookeís car.  Brooke hopped in and eventually Macy crashed the car into a tanker truck.  Brooke was injured but survived.  After a few months of flip-flopping, she and Thorne were together and married in early 2001.  Brooke spent the next few months interfering with Rick and Amberís recently rekindled relationship.  She stood up for Amber at her wedding, but wasnít thrilled to do it.  She and Thorneís marriage ended when he overheard her admit to Deacon that she had settled for Thorne.  Her true love was Ridge.

  After that, Brooke decided to get Ridge back though he had been married to Taylor for years.  Taylor, Massimo, and Stephanie conspired to get Brooke out of the picture by paying off her father Stephen to pretend he was dying.  Brooke fell for it and moved to Paris to be near her ailing father.  Eventually he admitted the truth, and Brooke was sure she had won Ridge over after revealing Taylorís deception.  Ridge didnít leave Taylor and Brooke was devastated.  During an extremely weak moment, she slept with Deacon Sharpe, Bridgetís husband.  She became pregnant and made some attempt to keep everything quiet.  Eventually Stephanie found out the truth and demanded she marry Whip Jones, the man who had pretended to be the father of her baby.  Brooke did, but eventually Bridget found out the truth.  Brooke gave birth to a baby girl who she eventually named Hope Logan.  She and Whip divorced and for a while Brooke was just trying to be a mom to her kids and repair her relationship with Bridget.  After Taylor was killed, she tried to be a supportive friend to Ridge and keep the peace with Stephanie.  However, eventually the two began seeing each other, much to Stephanieís chagrin.  The two had a cool off period after Ridge found out what Brooke did with Deacon, but now they seem to be continuing with their relationship that is until she found out about Ridgeís new feelings for Bridget.  Since he and Bridget were no longer half-siblings they had developed a romantic ďsomething.Ē  Brooke was horrified and walked out on Ridge on their wedding day.  It was a flip-flop situation for a few weeks until Brooke had enough and dumped Ridge.  Of course thatís when he realized he wanted Brooke and has begun to pursue her, despite her recent dates with Nick Payne.

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Page updated 11/24/10

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