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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

By Julio

Sparks flew at the Marone Mansion when Massimo left the clinic and returned home to confront Deacon about his actions towards Jackie. The ridiculousness of this storyline is far beyond belief: 1. How does a man who does not have full control of his motor functions manage to leave unnoticed at the hospital where he is being treated? 2. What decent cab driver picks up a passenger who is wearing a robe and is obviously sick? 3. Who leaves a gun lying around in a box on TOP of a desk which can be accessed by anyone? Massimo obviously, whose confrontation with Jackie and Deacon had them scrambling for excuses. Personally I think Jackie is a hypocrite, if she truly loved Massimo as she claims to, why is she so eager to jump into bed with Deacon? She didn’t try very hard to contact Massimo when he was in recovery, she was too busy with Deacon and the Jackie M. Boutiques. Jackie is not a victim, she let herself be wrapped around with Deacon, risking everything she ever had. Now that Massimo is back she loves him and Deacon used her. And why does she treat Nick like he is an 8 year old? He is a grown man, he can understand if his parent’s marriage is not working out they have to part ways, not have them stay together “for Nick’s sake”.

Brooke stood up to Ridge and voted against his petition to remove Eric as CEO of Forrester and place Ridge instead. It was about time! She has acted as Ridge’s puppet for far too long, her independence and strong character is resurfacing after a long absence. Stephanie better live up to her word, she is in debt with Brooke who saved the family by standing up to Ridge. Brooke’s comment about Darla being a cheerleader wife was completely out of place. It’s the pot calling the kettle black. Darla stood by Thorne cheering him on to pursue his career at Spectra and fight for his family’s recognition, Brooke did the same with Ridge. She stood by him and supported his decisions against Thorne and Spectra.

The week was action packed, Brooke’s “Nay” vote being the highlight of the week. Friday’s cliffhanger was expected, but will anyone be shot- or killed?

As some of you may have read Justin Torkildsen (Rick) may return to the show sometime in the near future. Torkildsen is a very good actor, however he is misused on the show, his romance with Caitlin was going nowhere and a possible Rick-Amber reunion seems far fetched. Felicia has been written out at a bad time (apparently Colleen Dion had a difficult time commuting between New York and Los Angeles) her job at Spectra and her friendship with Nick could’ve spun off in many directions.

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Page updated 11/24/10

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