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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

by Bettye J.


Last week after getting the Forrester's together to let them know of her future plans, Stephanie Douglass was met with plenty of out cry. Brooke and Eric got a package deal, two for one, they both were promptly "FIRED"! Wow, the Forrester Bunch were livid! Brooke, the new Mrs. Eric Forrester, huff and puff and Stephanie never back down an inch! One of the most outstanding moments of the week was when Stephanie made her announcement that her son would be the President of FC , and before the words left her mouth, Ridge, like a jerk in the box pop up, to let his Mother know his first duty is to reinstate........... Sorry Ridge, your Mom burst that big bubble head of your and named Thorne the new President of FC. Ridge, you got to love that Mother of yours, after making your beautiful wife, Taylor {who you have treated shabby every since she came back}, Forrester Creation's new Spoke Woman, she hit Eric where it hurt the most, in his FAMILY JEWELS. I kind of believe that every male watching could feel the pain. Brooke and Ridge help take a limp noodle Eric out for some much needed rest, with Stephanie parting words ringing in their ear, "hell, Eric, you are not using it "! OUCH! Stephanie, you did what?


Since Taylor has been back, we have only seen her as a loyal Mother to her children and faithful wife to her erratic husband. Now she has got back into the working world as Dr. Taylor Forrester. What a shock for me to see that Nick, a true Taylor hater was at her office seeking help to get over his Blonde obsession. Brooke, his MIL! And it looks like that one visit cured him because he left and made a bee line to his MIL house to meet with the family to win his Bride back. Wait, let's back up for a minuet. Let me give Brooke credit, after all she did tell him "that we will always love each other, but you must be with my daughter"! What a bunch of crap. Now Taylor, to be fair you owe Brooke half of Nick's fee and the only reason Ridge is home is because Brooke told him that it was over. But Taylor, my advise cost nothing, don't trust that back-front stabbing Jezebel! This is a Christmas present for you to use on Brooke!


The newly weds, Brooke and Eric Forrester try to unite their daughter, Bridget with her husband, Nick and it's looking like a up hill battle. Bridget trying to be brave, by putting the hands of her Mother and Husband together, telling them that they can be together, but to no avail! They confess! They love her more then they love each other. Wow, big deal! You got to remember, this is Brooke and Eric's daughter. Can you count how many times Brooke took Ridge back after he dump her? Since this is only the second man that these two have shared, it looks like forgiveness is close at hand! Now if Bridget and Nick unite, we can count on Brooke still having the lust for Nick and Nick, if he get Bridget back, humping her with Brooke dancing in his head, while Eric will still be wishing and hoping that Brooke ease the pain and give him some loving! What a family. But, what is that old saying, "a family that lust together{for one another}, stays together". It looks like there is BRIDGET over trouble water. Nick can't be with the woman he loves, but love the one he is with! Poor Eric, he "can't get no satisfaction", and Brooke is secretly telling Nick, "don't you wish your wife was sexy like me?"""""""""""""""""""""""""Twisted to the max! What more can you expect with Mrs. Brooke Forrester who is better known as 'The Plague'.


After getting her Management Team together, Stephanie arrange a press conference to let the world know that as the sole owner and CEO of FC, she plan to restructure Forrester Creation's and bring about changes that made it such a powerful Fashion house. The reporters were snapping question, not even giving Stephanie a chance to address them. Jarred, who had been to every media event of FC, kept bringing up Eric, wanting to know was he gone for good, and wondering, how could there be a FC, without Eric? One unknown media hog, question Stephanie motive, "is it out of revenge , husband dump wife for a younger woman"? They were like a dog with a bones and Thorne, the new President of FC took the mike , they began to pepper him about Spectra being bankrupt , and he cut them off and let them know that this is a celebration. Then they jump on Taylor, FC new Spoke woman, wanting to know why a staff Psychiatrist was needed? Taylor, looking very beautiful, took command of the media and let them know that the President and CEO decided to take a good hard look at the fashion industry, and in general, they didn't like what they saw. "What does looking good mean"? Not many women are built like runway models. They think all women are beautiful. After tapping into the mind of the everyday woman, they found that woman was taking a beating because she doesn't conform to the runway standard. The female reporters were ecstatic. She thought that since she is a Psychiatrist and Wife and Mother, this would give her a chance to make a difference! Jarred tried his best to stir up trouble making a big production of Ridge not being there to support this new vision for FC. But with a glare from Hector who had came to support Taylor, his lips were sealed! Taylor need the Press Conference by saying that with Dante, as their new Fabric Designer, who is very good. She let them know that Ridge wanted to give them the spot light and this was a family business and that they loved one another, and thank them for being a part of this landmark moment.


After the press conference, the management staff held a celebration and with champagne flowing, Darla made a toast to the new Forrester Creation team and their secret weapon, spoke woman Taylor Forrester! Everybody were pleased with the success of their first media event, and Taylor call out for Hector to join the fun. Thorne let Taylor know what a great job she done with the press who had tried to hold all their feet to the fire. Darla has to leave and get back to her child, while Stephanie and Thorne left with Dante to tie up loose ends, leaving Taylor and Hector along. Taylor was feeling a rush! Hector was feeling the heat that was radiating from ever pore of Taylor body. The champagne left Taylor giddy, looking luscious and bewitching. Every since Taylor has been back, she has did without Ridge's support and tonight was no exception. Every women need to have support from their love ones, and Taylor knowing that Ridge and the children were at Big Bear for the weekend didn't made the pain goes away. After finding out Hector took a cab, she told him that Stephanie had got her a Limo and he could catch a ride with her. On their way out she grabs a bottle of Champagne and glasses, they were on their way. This was a new Taylor. She was funny and just totally enjoying her self. Joking with Hector and it was priceless! Hector pop the cork and gave them both a champagne shower! They ended going to Taylor's to get out of their wet clothes, going directly to the master bedroom. Wow! Taylor told Hector where he could find towels and went to change into a night gown. By the times Hector came back, she had dive between the covers. Hector was shirtless and sexy. He came over to the bed and gentle rub Taylor face with the towel. His eyes, were fill with heat hot enough to scorch the planet. He told Taylor that he wanted to make love to her. Some of you would say, girl you are a fool if you don't say yes! But there has to be lines you just don't cross. This is a bad position to be in, and for a minuet, I thought that Brad had let me down again. All I can say to Taylor is "DON'T PLAY WITH FIRE"!

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Page updated 11/24/10

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