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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

By Jennifer

            We all know who won the competition of the teen line of the fashion show, which was Forrester Creations. Well, big deal, they won. They weren’t playing fair by all the publicity. However, who makes a decision about their marriage by beating their dad on the runaway?  Parents are supposed to be the role model. Is that what Ridge wants to teach his son? That anything can be solved with a little competition?

Second, why would Ridge take away Thomas’ happiness by destroying his career at Spectra and his marriage to Gabbie? Does he think that Gabbie is a threat to his family and will end up hurting Thomas? I think it is more on the line of Ridge inheriting a bad trait from his mother, which is bugging into other people’s marriages. Ridge would do anything to have his way where his son is concerned.

Third, has Ridge really treated Thomas like an adult when Thomas is supposed to be 18 years old? I think deep down inside Thomas is too chicken to stand up to his parents and that is why he went along with this whole competition. Well, competition is barbaric. I think that Spectra has all the confidence in a beginner to take on Ridge who has a lot of experience. Thomas has one great show but let us not get carried away. However, it is time for Thomas to cut the cord and declare his independence, by making his own decisions and accepting the conquences.

            Also, Gabbie has been deceiving Thomas to get what she wants, her green card. She has to ask herself, after everything that has happened between her and Thomas, was it really worth it? Can she really be proud of herself? If she can, how does she sleep at night? My question to her is, “Why did you lie to Thomas when you told him that you love him and why did you sleep with him?” Well at least Thomas has scored with Gabbie, maybe more than once. My point of view about love is that it is forever, no matter what, and that couples can get through anything together if they truly love each other. Obviously, Gabbie didn’t really love Thomas because she kicked him to the curb. However, what was Gabbie’s purpose in coming between Thomas and his parents? Did she see that he had a nice family and she didn’t, so she is jealous and wants to destroy his family? If that was the case, then her plan backfired on her, but at least she didn’t go away emptyhanded when Taylor’s kindness reinstated Gabbie’s citizenship. In her mind, she had already won the battle by stepping on the Forresters’ toes. Also, in her mind, Thomas is like a hanger, for she uses him and puts him back in the closest. If she had truly loved Thomas, she wouldn’t have let him go that easy.

Battle at Forrester Creations

            Stephanie has woken up and seen Eric for what he truly is, which is a liar and a cheater.  First of all, she does not care about the company but at getting back at Brooke and Eric for betraying her. However, she is only claiming what is rightly hers, what her dad wants her to have. Also, everyone knows that possession is 9/10 of the law. It is obvious that Stephanie will rule over Eric and Brooke because of the trust. She has the right to rule her company but does Eric have the right to take it away from her? When his father came up with the trust, he knew that if something happened, that he would lose everything, which means, work is more important to him than his family. This also means he started his marriage to Stephanie with a lie. Also, it makes him a hypocrite, because he got mad at Stephanie for what she did, and he can’t even be honest with her. If he had, Stephanie would probably go easy on Eric. My question is why Eric knew about the trust and not Stephanie. She can make excuses all day long about Eric, but Eric is no good and he only cares about Brooke and himself. Also, the only person who really cares about their children and grandchildren is Stephanie. She will not take it out on Thomas, Thorne, or Ridge, when she had no beef with them. Brooke and Eric are only fighting Stephanie because they hate her and they still want the company for themselves. News flash: Get over it. If Eric is such a great designer, he would leave Forrester Creations, get a loan, and start his own company, which will be his. Instead, Brooke and Eric want to fight Stephanie to the end.  A good touch to this story is dragging half of their children and grandchildren into this and picking sides. Also, why is Brooke by Eric’s side when this is all an act from someone whom she really loves?

            The story about Nick loving Brooke is so unrealistic. Brooke is supposed to be a great mother but she is hurting Bridget over and over again. No matter what she does, Bridget will end up getting hurt. First of all, when you love someone you only love them and you only have eyes for them. It clearly shows that Nick has to be with Bridget because of the baby. In reality, her husband and the father of her child are not always the same person. The only thing that Brooke is right about is Bridget deserves better, someone like Dante. Why does Brooke want her to be Nick’s doormat after what happened between her and Ridge? Is that the life that Brooke wants for her daughter, to be a guy’s doormat? If that’s the case, she needs to ask herself, am I being a good mother when I don’t care about my daughter’s happiness? Also, what makes Brooke think that Bridget even wants to be with Nick? If she does, then she is in denial about how Nick really loves her. She needs to not take that to the bank because emotionally, Nick doesn’t want Bridget. As for everyone, get over it and get a life.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 11/24/10

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