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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

"The Pen is More Lethal Than the Sword"
by Bettye J.


Just when I wonder what Brad Bell was smoking, he let's us all know that he's a chip off the off block {Bill Bell} and kept us all rooted to our Television screens not wanting to miss a minuet of the never ending drama. One day Stephanie went to bed and woke up only to find out that with a flick of a "PEN", she was no longer Mrs. Eric Forrester. Eric, using her power of attorney was able to get a quicky divorce, that I am sure even gave him whiplash! The crushing blow stabbed like the cut of a "SWORD" when Stephanie found out that he had married her rival, Brooke Logan. The marriage was Brooke's idea, so she would be strong and not jump into bed with her daughter, Bridget's husband. You have to give Brooke credit, she saved a bundle by never having to change her monogram on her sheets and towels. So far Eric hasn't reached first base with his new bride, because she just can't get that hot son in-law out of her mind! Too bad he dumped Jackie, because she was ready to give him all the action he could take.

"A Family says goodbye to a Love One"

After seeking help from Taylor, Stephanie finally realize that it is time to move on and calls her "LOVED ONES" together to say goodbye. Being gracious in defeat, she included her ex, Eric. Everyone was stunned. Most of them try to blame Brooke for their mother's failed marriage, but Stephanie took control and let them know that the blame game is over. Kristen, came to town, just too find out what happen to her parent's marriage. Ridge was vocal of the marriage being a sham! Thorne couldn't believe his father would hurt their mother by marrying Brooke. How soon these son's forget, they didn't care what their Mother thought when they married her! But Stephanie let them know that she was moving on and selling the house and moving to her "FAMILY'S"
compound in Fla.

" Fashion Showdown, between the Rookie and the Pro"!

We have all been waiting for the Big Fashion Showdown. Forrester Creation's and Spectra top Designer's, Ridge and Thomas Forrester, the Father and son duo went head to toe in a contest that would decide the fate of Gaby's future as a Forrester. Since Ridge, "THE PRO" was taking no chances, Forrester stacked the deck in their favor from the start. For starters, the news media was chopping at the bit to get the latest news on Brooke and Eric Forrester's wedding shocker! The Bride was a no show and the Groom was tight lip, only showing the new Forrester logo. The shocker was enough to knock Spectra out of the race. Forrester was the winner, but the truth is both father and son need to go back to the drawing board because the show was a flop! Well some good came out of the show, Thomas, "THE ROOKIE" will lose a wife, but Taylor was able to get Gaby a green card and get her re-instated as a citizen. Now the two love birds will be friends and put their education first!

"Trust, behind closed doors"!

Who would have dreamed that five letters that spell "TRUST" could be so powerful. This makes lose lips sink ships pale in comparison. Just when your ex has yanked the rug from under you in a blink of an eye and left you just like he found you, Stephanie Douglass, things get worse. After getting Massimo's help and be a witness, Stephanie goes to Eric office to remove some documents for her children. Not knowing the combination to the safe, she uses birthdays and anniversaries, and bingo, hits the jack pot using Eric and Brooke's first marriage anniversary. Not believing that Eric had the nerve after all the years to still hold on to that date, when she open the safe, the very thing that falls out is a picture of Eric and Brooke. Stephanie feels betrayed! She flash back to the time before she married Eric, how she put her pride aside to go to her father, John Douglass, and ask him for money so that her and Eric could start their company. As it slowly sinks in, Stephanie begins to wonder, does she really know Eric? Massimo comes across a faded document that holds a "TRUST" inside made out to Stephanie Douglass. Stephanie is barely listening as Massimo is trying to tell her he thinks her Father made her the sole owner of Forrester Creation's. About that time Eric burst in wanting to know why is Stephanie is still there. The tension in the room is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Stephanie is furious! Eric does nothing but fan the fire. When they both reach the boiling point, Massimo tells Stephanie that this is not the time after safely putting the "TRUST" in his briefcase. When a woman feels that she has lost everything that means the world to her, and when it is slowly becoming crystal clear, this man is not even worthy of her love. She leaves him with these parting words! "YOU BETRAYED ME AND OUR MARRIAGE, AND YOU BETRAYED OUR CHILDREN, BUT IF THERE IS ONE OUNCE OF JUSTICE, YOU WILL NOT BETRAY MY TRUST"!

"Valley Slut vs. Beverly Hill's Matron"

When Stephanie drops in her old office, the new Mrs. Forrester is quick to point out that she is now in charge. Brooke wasted no time in letting her know that 'Brooke's Bedroom' is back and points out to Stephanie how she will not be missed! Riding high on her victory as the new CEO and wife of Eric, Brooke gloats that it's out with the old and in with the new. Stephanie just lets her ramble on and on none stop. Tooting her own horn, even pointing out to Stephanie, she was never needed, even a monkey could run FC! What really had me a believer was when Brooke told Stephanie, "THE BEVERLY HILLS' MATRON vs. THE VALLEY SLUT", and look who won! After all these years the Brooke haters and Stephanie should be forgiven. All I can say is, Brooke, if the shoe fits, wear it! Brooke was kind enough to walk Stephanie to the elevator and let her look at Forrester Creation's for the last time, gloating and loving every minuet of rubbing in the fact that she is Eric wife.

"Douglass vs. Forrester"

Brad Bell has finally got my full attention. For a minute it was like seeing Bill Bell's style of story telling where the whole cast get to show case their talent. We got a peek at Darla and Thorne and also Kristen and her son. It was good to see Sally up to her old tricks and Clark on the job faithful as ever. Hector even showed up at the Fashion Showdown. Brad Bell is on a roll and I have my fingers crossed that it will be nothing but full speed ahead and more intrigue. Dust off those little tots and teens so we can have a Christmas Party this year! Now let's get ready for "DOUGLASS vs. FORRESTER"!

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Page updated 11/24/10

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