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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

Deception in Marriages
by Jennifer

We all know the wedding vows that we take, but the characters on B&B seem to forget that they are supposed to forsake all others. The biggest adulterer is Nick because he plays by his own rules by not trying to keep his pants on. Is it because he is a sailor or is it because he can't seem to control himself? Well, to me it always seems that Nick can't control himself and because of that he might well lose Bridget. He is dragging Bridget and the new baby through the mud. Because of this, he breaks her heart over and over again and will have deception in their family, especially when the new baby comes. Which brings me to this question: How can you be committed to someone when you still have feelings for someone else? I seriously want to know if these guys are on drugs or something because they want Brooke. What is so great about Brooke that guys seem to forget? Did Brooke give them drugs or something so she seems like a goddess, so she can manipulate them? Ridge, Eric, and Nick will clearly mess up a good thing that they have with the girls that they supposedly are in love with to be with Brooke. What is going on in Brooke's mind? She thinks her own mission in life is to save Bridget, but only Stephanie loves Bridget in her own special way. Brooke keeps putting on a show for Bridget only to hurt her and make Bridget not want to talk to Brooke ever again. She really hadn't moved on with her life when she told Bridget that she was in love with Bridget's husband and then married Eric. Does Brooke even love Eric? All signs point to no because she is still in love with Nick. There is more passion and more romance with Brooke and Nick then with any of their other relationships.

The second adulterer is Ridge, who really takes the cake of being stupid. It clearly shows that he is too afraid to make a commitment to anyone besides himself. First of all, he says that he is committed to Taylor, but how can he love Taylor when he was forced into that marriage by his mother? If his mother never got involved, would he still had chosen Taylor over Brooke, when he still loves Brooke? If he was committed completely to Taylor, he would have put all feelings for Brooke aside. Did he ever once think that Taylor might have been just fine with this? Even he can't be that stupid. Did he ever once think that Taylor might find comfort with another man and maybe something more? It had to be a shock to him when he find out what
happened between Taylor and Hector. A marriage should be more than just going to counseling. Ridge needs to talk it out with Taylor and really listen to her and open up to her. Also, saying "I love you" is not enough; he needs to show Taylor how he feels about her by making it all about Taylor and leaving Brooke of their marriage. He had already committed adultery in his heart by desiring Brooke, and he made it worse when he told Taylor the truth and made no promise to leave Brooke out of their marriage.

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Page updated 11/24/10

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