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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

Some Thoughts On Current Developments In Forrester/Marone Country
by J.V.

Particularly since this homeless-man/thief-turned-gardener has turned up, and going back to the aftermath of Mrs. Darla Forrester's tragic death, I feel that "The Bold and The Beautiful" has become somewhat more interesting than it was for a while, while some unappealing-for-me aspects remain. 

To begin, and though it admittedly has opened up some interesting storyline possibilities, and further though I may not personally have identified with her "pop" personality, I wish it had not been necessary to kill off this Mrs. Forrester.  She was one of the relatively-few basically-virtuous characters on this program, and could we not, as I probably have written in previous articles for this Site, do with at least a few more such on soaps despite their primary focus usually being on unvirtuous doings?  Her husband has had somewhat of a rough go of it, and he seemed happy and contented with her.  Could not Mr. Bell and his colleagues have continued to make something beautiful, etc., out of that, though I personally can do without long and often-frivolous make-out scenes, while a soap would admittedly not be a soap without a few such?  And could she not have been a valuable contributor to the business side of things?  Yet, when he first got rid of Dr. Hayes, I recall Mr. Bell being quoted as saying that he did this because she was just too virtuous.  Though we get some _WONDERFUL_ virtue from him at least occasionally, it would appear that that statement is indeed accurate.  I wish to return to this aspect later. 

Unfortunately Dr. Hayes is beginning to show some warts, and I admittedly was, and still am, back and forth as to whether or not she should have confessed to tragically, yet accidentally, killing La Darla.  Her drinking is also tragic, though she seems to be now dealing with that.  Though a union between her and the regrettably-new widower would presumably result in more silly, again in my view, love-making (though one must _NOT_ begrudge particularly married couples such, though _PREFERABLY_, for me personally, off camera and microphone most of the time), that union, should it come about, might prove a good one overall, though I personally do not favor divorced people re-marrying.  I do rather enjoy Miss Alexandria, and am glad that she is figuring prominently in considerations related to her father (and it just occurred to me to say that I even more like Miss Abby Carlton on _Y&R_, something I regrettably think I forgot to mention in my recent article on that program for this Site, I somehow finding a refreshing dignity about her!).  Yet, as per the Doctor, we must now consider Mr. Ramirez.  Except when he was reconciling with Miss Kelly, one of _THE_ most beautiful stories for me since I first joined up with this program in mid-1998 if memory serves (it was when Mr. Victor Newman was visiting Los Angeles to negotiate with Miss Logan), I have _NOT_ cared for this character despite myself admittedly having a domineering streak in me.  Yet, when one thinks about it, one can understand his wish to protect his family, but it seemed that he would, at least at times, go to unnecessary lengths to do so, though at least some of this admittedly stemmed from the forced misunderstanding between himself and Miss Kelly.  Yet his hot-headedness _REALLY_ came to the fore when, having been rejected by Dr. Hayes, he set his house on fire.  And now, having joined me among the blind (though I gather he may be totally blind whereas I am now almost so), he has resumed/continued his pursuit.  To the extent he is trying to keep her and her son safe from this newcomer, may he somehow be doing so out of pure motive and _NOT_ for the purpose of also winning her to himself! 

As for this new intruder, one, as is the case with Mrs. Gloria Abbott on _Y&R_, can understand his desire to better himself.  However he, as she, has chosen to go about this in devious ways.  It would appear that he has now sincerely dispensed with his original plan to blackmail that family, but, like La Gloria, he seems now to have his sites set on a gold-digging marriage into it.  May this scheme fail _UNLESS_ it can be _CONCLUSIVELY_ shown that he has a _GENUINE_ love for La Phoebe, and would have married her even if she had been a pauper! 

When I think about it, I must agree with the _B&B_ opinion writer for Soap Town USA that Miss Bridget Forrester is rather immature, and that Miss Jones is good at bringing that aspect out.  This writer may further be onto something when she suggests that the newly-conceived baby might not be Mr. N. Marone's but Mr. Damiano's.  The revelation of this baby and its currently-assumed father to her mother later this week will obviously set off a rocky patch in the latter's marriage which La Bridget will presumably seek to exploit as long as possible if her child _INDEED_ is Mr. Damiano's.  I personally am not an enthusiast for Miss Felicia Forrester, but am glad she came back from her serious illness!  Yet, of course, one wonders which woman will end up with the man in that triangle.  If La Felicia, might this result in continuing competition between La Bridget and her mother for Sailor Boy? 

But regrettably, at least in my view, their is _ONE_ name without which _NO_ discussion of this soap would be complete, one which has thus far only been mentioned in passing, also the afore-mentioned mother of La Bridget, Miss Brooke Logan.  This is one character who, along with the two men now involved with her, I personally wish would disappear off the face of this program _FOR_ _EVER_!!!  Her loose morals are known well enough not to require elaboration here.  Of even more annoyance to me if possible, and as I doubtless have written previously, she has repeatedly interrupted at least two storylines which were of _MUCH_ more importance to me, that concerning Mr. Ramirez and Miss Kelly of which I previously wrote )would that those two could have somehow overcome their social differences, thus enabling them to remain together, or, if not, that the former might have also left when the latter did) and that concerning the African orphan who became Master Zende Forrester Dominguez!  I _REALLY_ enjoyed that story (until he was indoctrinated into American pop-culture upon his coming to Los Angeles, I wishing that he could have remained the young gentleman we first came to know for a while in the orphanage), and _MOST_ resented all those interruptions so that, if I recall correctly, we could be "treated" to more love scenes including this, one of the all-time soap tramps.  The present triangle between her and her two "leading men" currently seems a tangled mess, and one wonders where her heart, if it is indeed of one piece, _REALLY_ lies.  I realize that Mr. Wagner/Marone is a favorite of many, but I personally, maverick though it may seem, can do without him/them, and his rival is not much better for me, especially in those again-for-me-frivolous bed scenes.  Would the program _REALLY_ suffer that much if all three of these were to leave?  _I_ would like to think not!!!  We presumably would still have Sailor Boy's sometimes-seafaring father, the rest of the Forresters, the remaining fragment of the Spectras including a favorite of that Soap-Town opinion writer, Mr. Garrison, and _MAYBE_ some hopefully-new blood as it were.  Could not something good be made from _THAT_? 

So, in my opinion at least, we have here a mixture of the good and the bad, the latter often dominating.  Yet, at the _BLATANT_ risk of repetition, whether here or in anything else I have written about this soap for this Site, I would like to think that, with some judicious additions if Mr. Bell would be willing to provide such, things could be potentially _MUCH_ better without La Logan and her crew!!!  And, though it is an after-thought of sorts, I still enjoy Queen Stephanie's basic dignity of speech despite her often-devious/domineering ways! 

Hoping this finds the readers of this article well,
J. V.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 11/24/10

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