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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

Space Bugís LA Buzz

Column #6

September 22 - 26, 2003

Line of the week: Nick to Massimo: ďOur first family trip. You donít think that Forrester will be too upset that he missed it do youĒ (or something like

Well, last week I asked to be entertained, and for once, good old Brad granted my wish...kind of (if only heíd break up Macy and Deacon!) Well, yes, I was entertained, but not in the dramatic on the edge of my seat way that I have a feeling was how I was supposed to be entertained. It was more like a laugh out loud I canít believe that the show has come to this entertainment.

What entertained me last week you ask my friends? Well, you shall see.

I was entertained greatly by good old Stefferís hair styling. Well, I guess she can look at it this way: by going silver, she doesnít look like she could be any relation to Brooke. (And she looks more like Eric...ok, thatís just freaky). Iím in debate as to whether or not Iím keen on this dramatic change. Donít get me wrong, I think that the style for Susan Flanneryís real life is good, but this style doesnít really fit Stephanie. Stephanie is very classic and old school... this hair cut is not. I could say more, but upon commenting on the way that actors and actress look, Iím riding a very fine line. The only other thing that I will say is that itís mighty hard for me to take Stephanie seriously at the moment... and in the words of Forrest Gump: ďThatís all I have to say about thatĒ.

And of course I was completely entertained by my lovely little song birdís ditty. I really think that itís time that Bobbie puts out a new CD... the other three albums of hers that I own are getting lonely... itís time that I made it an even four. And I loved the song... a slow and pretty country tune... CLASSIC BOBBIE EAKES, I must say. But as wonderful as the singing was, I couldnít stop myself from screaming at my TV relentlessly: ďYOUíRE SINGING TO THE WRONG GUY!!!Ē (Hopefully Brad heard me in his comfy little office in LA all the way from my little Pittsburgh dorm room... you think that he did?) And if I have to watch anymore kissy face scenes with Deacon and Macy Iím going to puke! Bridgeies, I now know how you felt having to watch Ridge with Taylor all those years....IT IS SO ANNOYING WATCHING HALF OF YOUR FAVORITE COUPLE WITH SOMEONE ELSE!

Ok and now to the most entertaining and hilarious part of this week: the kid-napping. GIVE ME A BREAK! I can not believe that this story is even happening. It is so sad and so pathetic...itís really giving the whole custody storyline a run for its money as far as stupid goes. Do you really expect me to believe that a terrorist organization wants Ridge Forrester Marone? (ok, I know that itís really Shelia, but Iím pretending that I donít know that cause this is from last week, and technically if Iím writing about last week, then I havenít seen this week.) Ok, and Nick, what a nice brother he is going to look for Ridge like that. What a tight nit family these three have become so quickly... I mean, my God, Ridge and Thorne have been brothers since the beginning of time and I donít even think that Thorne knows that Ridge is out of the country or got married for that matter.

O, and this lovely little mystery girl running around. I posted on the boards saying that I thought that it would be really funny if it somehow turned out to by Taylor (even though we know that thatís not possible), but come on, wouldnít that be hilarious? It would sure be a ďshock plotĒ, now wouldnít it? It would sure shock the hell out of Ridge! But, no one responded to my post...I guess that Iím the only one who wants Taylor back and Macy with Thorne.

But really friends, how pathetic was it watching Ridge just sit there trying to saw his ropes off. Ok, the chest view was nice Iíll admit, even though Iím not much (ok, not at all) a Ridge fan, but other then that? I can sit and watch Ridge look pathetic any day either sitting at his desk or laying next to Brooke... the fact that heís in the middle of the jungle, dirty and shirt less doesnít really enhance the patheticness that is Ridge. Oh, and another thing. I hate to point this out to you Bridgeies, but I happened to notice that Ridge did not say one word about Brooke and her well being. Not one! Wouldnít you think that as soon as he came to his first words should have been: WHEREíS BROOKE? I mean, if they can drag Ridge somewhere so easily, I think that they could have handled the Brookester just fine. But no! The ever sensitive Ridge only cared about himself and never once asked anyone if Brooke had been harmed, where she was, or if she was Ok. If you ask me, all the more proof that Brooke should have picked Nick. (Although, this does leave the handsome Mr. Payne Marone wide open for my adorable Miss Sammy Kelly...have I mentioned how much I love her?)

And now I must comment on this fight scene, that which entertained me the most (even more so then Massimo attempting to comfort that babbling Brooke)... OH MY GOD! Ridge, Iím sorry sweetie, but what are you really going to do? The bashing of the two guyís heads like they were coconuts was great, but have we ever seen you attempt to show any kind of aggression besides wanting to strangle Shelia? Oh, and Nickís whole back kicking the guy into the fire... how wonderful. And why did Shelia showing up at the end with a gun not surprise me. Cause just like Steffers showing up at the press conference: IT WOULDNíT HAVE HAPPENED ANY OTHER WAY!

Now Shelia, sweetie, what I have to say for you: I welcomed you back with open arms last year cause I remember you way back in the day on Y&R with Lauren and Scott and the baby switching and the whole Sha-bang! (Ok, I loved to hate you then, and I still love to hate you now) But, you really let me down last time. You were supposed to kill Amber and you killed my poor Taylor instead. (At least you tried to pick off ok, I donít mean that... who else would I make fun of if Brooke wasnít around...ok, Amber, but you know what I mean!) So Shelia, you better do good this time sweetie! KILL RIDGE! OR AT LEAST SHOOT HIM! AND FOR ONCE, DONíT STAND THERE WAVING THE GUN AROUND IN THE AIR TALKING ABOUT IT...MAKE LIKE A NIKE PRODUCT AND JUST DO IT!!!

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