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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

Space Bugís LA Buzz

Column #5

September 15 - 19, 2003

Line of the week:

Minister:  ďI now pronounce you man and wifeĒ

Ok... I know that Iím a little late... school is hectic.  Well, what can I remember from last week?  Well, letís see... I know that the big thing was Brooke and Ridge getting married, right?  Oh and Stephanieís hair cut... of sorts... I didnít miss anything else did I?  Oh, thatís right; we met another bad boy for Bridget to get mixed up with because she didnít learn from her mistakes with Deacon.  Oh yeah, and Rick dumped Amber.  Wow, I didnít see that one coming.

Well, letís play I spy, shall we... cause I spied a lot of things this week that we need to discuss friends.  Letís see... first I spied a 50 year old baby that finally stood up to his mommy.  Congrats Ridge, youíre finally potty trained, and old enough to officially leave home for better toilets.  Yippy!  And I also spied a very upset Steffers, and a very high and mighty Brooke (why doesnít that surprise me at all?)

Over at the hospital, I spied a scrub-less Bridget, making googley eyes at a new character, (who reminds me of a blonde haired Matt Le Blanc from ďFriendsĒ, by the way).  I also spied a couple breaking up... oh darn.  Now, how many times does Rick have to dump Amber?  I mean, come on... how long have they been together?  Only like five, six years right?  And theyíve married each other about three times?  Thatís like every other year they either get married or divorced... Amber should have been more prepared in my opinion because she could pretty much set her calendar by one or the other. 

And what else did I spy do you ask?  Well, I spied a very drunk Steffers and Sal.  (Now, how many AA meetings has good old Red been to with Mace?  Youíd think that sheíd know better!  Tsk Tsk!)  I must say, that was funny...especially when Sally spied the plant and the scissors.  But what I thought was even funnier than that was when good old Thorne spied Sally standing over his mother with those pointy little blades, (probably thanking God that she wasnít aiming them his way).  (At least he got three lines of dialog this week.)

I also spied little Pooci and Sammy!  And I spied a broken hearted Nick.  Poor Nick... I was actually rooting for him.  And I spied a bracelet with a compass on it.  (Maybe Brooke should have let Ridge barrow it so that he can find his way home.)  I also spied a ladder with a Ridge at the bottom of it... how ever, not a literal Ridge, a man by the name of Ridge.  If there were a literal ridge at the bottom of the ladder that Brooke was climbing down, then she would have fallen down it and have been Amberís room mate in the hospital instead of Oscar.  (Iíd also say ďTaylorís new friend, but I donít think that if Brooke died that sheíd run into Taylor anywhere in the after life... theyíd be going to different places, and for the sake of any Brookie who is reading this, Iíll leave it at that). 

Oh, I also spied a plane with a rather tacky ďlove sceneĒ, and a very concerned Massimo whoís men spied a terrorist symbol.  I also spied a few jungle animals, and hotel room!

But better then my little game of I spy was by far Brookeís.  Iím sorry, but come on:

Itís a bikini!  Itís a Teddy!  Itís a crown!  Itís a dress!  Itís a candy bar!  Itís a picture frame!  Yippy Brooke!  Iím glad that you brought Hopeís picture book along with you to read in case you got board during your elopement/honeymoon. 

Ok, now my Bridgies, letís discuss the wedding.  Actually, I donít really have that much to say about it because I fast forwarded through it all.  But in all sincerity, I am very happy for you that your couple is finally back together (all be it Ridge has just been swiped, but you know what I mean... at least theyíre married).  Iím glad that you guys are finally getting what youíve wanted for so long.  Bridge fans, REJOICE!!!!

But, I need to get this out now:

You all know that Iím a DIE HARD Thacy fan.  (If you didnít know that before, then you do now).  Now, Iím glad for you all and for your couple, but hereís a warning that I would like to dish out: you have your precious "Bridge" back... I'll be up front with you: I hate both characters and could care less about them being together... but please keep in mind... how many times have I watched them get married?  How many times have I watched them break up?   How many times have I had to cross the "Bridge" with you?  Again, I'm happy that you're all happy... But I better not read anyone bitching about Thorne and Macy If and When they get back together about how many times they've been married, broken up, and the whole sha-bang on the message boards.   Trust me, Iíll be on the damage control like white on rice...I am so sick of them getting bashed all of the time!  Thorne and Macy have been a 13 year thing... Ridge and Brooke have been at it for all 16 years... do the math.  I won't even mention their "traumatic" history, if you don't mention my couples'  After all, we wouldn't want to be hypocritical now would we?   But then again, when are soap fans ever hypocritical?  Lol!

**Please, keep in mind: Iím not trying to offend anyone here, and Iím sorry if I have...But, this is just my honest opinion, and when things get too tense, letís just remember:  We watch and post FOR FUN!!!!!!  I know that I was a little hard on ďBridgeĒ this week... trust me, I feel that I will be ranting and raving about ďMY MACYĒ next week...I feel it coming already.  (Plus, I was hard on her last week.)  Please remember... I try very hard to rant and make fun of EVERYONE!

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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