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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

By Jennifer

            As we know, Brooke is feeling guilty about taking Deacon from Bridget like he is supposed to be some toy to play with. Therefore, she is denying her feelings about Nick and is making an excuse not to follow her heart and that will make her always be depressed and so will Nick. If Brooke was really a great mother, she will be honest with her daughter and take Bridgetís reaction. Who wants a mother who forces some guy to marry her daughter to relieve some of her guilt? First of all, does Bridget really want to be in a relationship with someone is in love with her mother and canít even be honest with her because of the baby. She will realize that she deserve better than that. No one has realized the damage has been done. Later down the road, they will be face with heartache and misery for Brooke thinks that she is unforgettable. He had already committed adultery in his heart for wanting Brooke, and because of that, he is not being faithful to Bridget and that is no way to start out a marriage. Brooke is deceiving Dante to protect Bridgetís feelings or to make Nick jealous. Brookeís past has always been on the ďtrampĒ side. As for Jackie and Eric who are being way too noisy and would one day bite them in the butt. They need to set it aside and let their children make their own mistake or they will never learn. But are they really protecting their children or using this as an excuse to get close to one another?

            Thirdly, Brooke and Nick wonít be happening if it wasnít for the accident with Hope. I had to wonder about two things. First of all, where is Hope and how come you never see R.J? Is he important to Brooke? Can Brooke really let some girl raise her children when it is her responsibilities? Second of all, I had to wonder if this whole mishap was planned out for Brooke and Nick to get close to one another.

            We can all say that Thomas has a full history with drama in his relationships when the parents had got involved, but Thomas is very captivating to young audiences. He has to ask himself does he really love Gabbie or is he doing her a favor and nothing more than that. I think that he really loves Gabbie and that is the reason why he proposes to her. With the timing of him losing her, has make it perfect for him to propose and he probably had marriage of his mind his whole time. Therefore, he has been lying to everyone else and that makes his marriage not a fraud. If it was really in the name only, she would do her thing and he will do his thing and they would have never speak to each other.

            Sally Spectra can be deceiving to get what she wants on a professional level no matter if she would have to step over a few toes and make some bruises. She has given Thomas a fancy ride to make him stay or to make Ridge angry with Thomas. One has to wonder how can peace and harmony be established in his home with all this drama. Ridge is probably feeling threatened that Thomas is hot and he is not, or is he really proud of his son or is he jealous. Ridge thinks that money is power and that he can control Thomas with it meaning my way or the highway. Therefore Sally has Thomas all wrapped up in her little fingers and want Thomas to worship her. She will get success at all cause. Eric is to occupy over his own dealings with his daughter to even check out the competition in his own in own feelings. Eric wants all the fame and the glory to him and therefore canít even throw Thomas a bone, because he is hurting over Stephanie.  Get over it Eric!

            Taylor and Ridge blame their own son for their separation but canít even look at themselves to find out what is really going on. What is all the fighting really about regret over losing Brooke, which is what Ridge wants everyone to think, or he has commitment issues. We all know why because Stephanie has been making his decisions and letting him think for himself. Because of that, Brooke had feel like a doormat which she needs to stop blaming everyone for her problems and reflect on her own life. As for Taylorís decision about counseling, it would be just an excuse for them to cover up their own feelings and not have any intimacy, because she is exactly like Ridge and is too scared to have real intimacy since she has If she is supposed to be a shrink, then why can have one-one counseling where they really listen to one another. She is making bad decisions about her son marriage and is making judgmental against Gabbie. First of all, she had given them a difficult rule and expects them to follow, and she had known that they would never follow with hormones. It sounds like a test that she knew that they would fail big time. She is threatened against Gabbie, because she knew that Thomas will choose Gabbie over her, and Thomas has been spending way too much time with Gabbie and not with his family. He has change into this clotty guy who always has an attitude. If you ask me, the family is nut and has lost their mind.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 11/24/10

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