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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

Space Bug’s LA Buzz

Column #4

September 2 - 12, 2003

Lines of the Week:

Bridget to Macy:  “Why are you still here?”

Stephanie to Eric:  “The place has just been stacked with Brooke’s underwear!”

Sally to Clark:  “I’m not just going to sit here and watch the happy harlot take over!”

Sally to self:  “I’ve officially entered an alternate universe.” 

             Well, well, well, what a wonderful ten days it’s been friends.  I really don’t know how things have gotten to where they are now.  My god, Amber’s in the hospital, Deacon has custody, Brooke and Ridge are back together and now are running Spectra, excuse me, Logan Designs... how has all of this happened so quickly?  Especially when some things, like everyone finding out that Shelia was back last spring, Ridge’s paternity, and Macy being alive took for ever!  I guess that it just goes to show you that soaps can evolve as slow as evolution, or as quickly as it takes Brooke to re-bed (or office?) a Forrester.

             Ok, I decided to combine last week with this week, because pretty much, they were very connected... obviously.  Ok, who didn’t see Amber and Rick losing custody?  Come on; please tell me that no one was surprised by this?  However, as far as surprises go, I was momentarily taken in by Sally’s act.  I would have thought that Brooke taking over her company really would have given her the big one for sure.  But, that would have made it way to easy for everyone to play the Brooke Logan blame game... that’s only fun when it’s a possible but very strung out connection.  (Like it being Brooke’s fault that Macy can’t have kids because she messed with her and Thorne before she was in that accident that inevitably led to her losing her uterus.  Again, I believe it, but it’s almost like playing the Kevin Bacon game.)

*Side note... can we play the Kevin Bacon game with a B&B cast member?  Hmmm... I bet we can!  Ok, let’s use my favorite, Bobbie Eakes.  Bobbie was in an independent film called “Charlie’s War” with Lynn Redgrave.  Lynn Redgrave was in “The Next Best Thing” with Madonna.  Madonna was in “A League of Their Own” with Tom Hanks.  Tom Hanks was in “Apollo 13” with...Dun Dun Dun Dah! Kevin Bacon!  It can be done!

Ok... I digress...

             Amber is insane.  She has gone completely nuts.  Ok, I totally understand why; I mean, I felt so sorry for her when she was having the flash backs of losing her two babies while she was driving almost over the cliff, but she’s got to learn how to control herself.  And you’ve also gotta love the fact that she has an Uncle Joe and an Aunt Tilly.  Are we sure that this is California and not Kentucky? 

             And now it’s time for me to vent about my Macy.  WHAT IN THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU GIRL???  Macy, honey, sweetie, no one will ever love you as much as I do (god I sound like Thorne), BUT SHUT UP!  PLEASE, JUST SHUT UP!  And for once I agreed with Rick and Bridget when they repeatedly asked: ‘Why are you still here?”  That was a good freaking question.  Wouldn’t you think that Macy would have hulled her little but out of that house as soon as Deacon left?  Come on, first of all, Rick isn’t her brother-in-law at the moment, and secondly: Spacy, did you forget that you’re in Brooke’s house, and although she’s having a little romp on the floor of Ridge’s office, SHE’LL BE COMING HOME EVENTUALLY!  (PS:  I hope that someone comes in to mop that floor.)

             Oh, and I’ll be the first to admit that Brooke had a right to be pissed at the fact that her nemesis was standing in her living room, but her whole thing about Sally being in the hospital was wrong.  That’s her mother for crying out loud!  I understand the whole bitching about the company and the kid, but you don’t kid someone that their mother who had a massive heart attack less than a year ago that she’s in the hospital.  That was not a very nice thing to do.

             And another thing:  Macy, why would you go into Amber’s hospital room and bitch her out right after she’s freaking woken up?  Why would you do that?  (Actually, why did anyone even let her into the room alone?)  But, however dumb, excuse me, Macy isn’t dumb, she’s Spacy... let’s try this again.  No matter how Spacy she was acting, it didn’t compare to Amber’s insanity.  She Mike Tyson’ed her!  I guess I could see spitting at her, or pulling her hair, or attempting to hit her, but biting?  Come on, even Sammy’s dog doesn’t do that!  And on the ear?  Why not on the finger, or hand, or arm?  Reaching up to the ear would have taken way too much effort for me.

             Another thing too... Can someone please tell me again how Macy got involved with the kids?  Oh, and when I say kids, I mean Rick and Amber and, oh hell, and let’s throw Deacon in too.  First of all, it’s not a too far fetched idea that Macy could be the mother to all of them.  (After all, Rick is actually only like 10 years old, right?)  Wouldn’t you think that she’d be tired of playing all of these stupid, childish kid games?  It really is ridiculous that the writers have developed this whole plot to being with.  Macy is the only adult in this whole situation (all be it, she isn’t acting like it), and this is simply a waste of her time.

             And I know that I say this every time, but I love Samantha!  I absolutely love her!  She and Brooke will be great enemies, I can sense it already.  Sammy is just so cute!  And she did do a great job with Stephanie’s office.  It’s the female version of Eric’

             Oh, and poor, poor Nick.  How in the hell did Brooke pass him up for “Forrester”?  Is she insane?  Nick is HOT!!  And he’s sweet, and he’s not going after her because she’s his only living “soul mate”.  Come on, do you honestly think that any of this would be happening if Taylor were alive?  GOD I MISS HER!  (PS...Hence why Amber is so nutty now... she needs someone to talk to, and Taylor would have been it.  Amber can’t really go to Stephanie for help about this CRAP cause guess what... Macy was an actual daughter-in-law, she’s been one longer, and actually, I think that Stephanie likes her more).   

             And let’s talk about Budge for a minute.  It’s about time that she got a plot other than Rick’s little puppy dog running around, acting like she’ll crumble if she says a word to Deacon.  Oh, and I’m not a hospital regular, but did any one notice that Bridget was the only nurse/doctor not wearing scrubs?  What’s up with that?  Is Budge to good for Scrubs?  (And I’m not talking about the TV show either).

             Ok, now to Brooke and Ridge.  I understand how excited the “Bridge-ies” are, but their whole thing at the press conference was so rehearsed.  I’m surprised that we didn’t see the a guy holding poster sized cue cards for Ridge so that he was sure not to mess anything up.  And how did I guess that Stephanie would come into the room at that precise moment?  Because it wouldn’t have happened any other way...that’s why.   

I’m so damn sick of all of this!!!  Please, someone, ENTERTAIN ME!!!!!!!!!

*Ok, one more round of the Kevin Bacon game.  Ok, we all remember Macy’s MD, Doctor Sanders?  Well, I just heard that that actress also played Jennifer Aniston’s Doctor on Friends when she was pregnant for Emma.  Jennifer Aniston was in “Picture Perfect” with....who else but Kevin Bacon!

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 11/24/10

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