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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

By Sue

This week on the Bold & Beautiful is one of the reasons that I almost give up watching the show five to six times a year.  Let me explain.

Brooke and Ridge.  Just having their names together makes me sigh.  Not a good sigh either.  Wasn’t it just months ago that she swore she would never love him again?  Didn’t he say on the rooftop that this time it was OVER?   Remember your son’s blood on your hands, Brooke?  Remember her running right from the airport to Nick, Ridge?  Come on!  Terrible thing that happened to Brooke.  I’m really, really, really hoping that she doesn’t get pregnant from the rape. Now she’s finding comfort again in the man who she just “couldn’t love anymore.”  Ugh, she’s becoming a very weak woman who absolutely needs a man in her life to have any validation whatsoever.

Ashley.  Honestly – what kind of saint do you have to be to let the man you love go away for the weekend with his ex-wife and kids? She so understands.  Cut me a break!  She should’ve put her foot down.  She should’ve told him that he could take them to a park together – out to eat – but away “as a family” overnight – not a chance. Apparently Ridge has mastered the art of passion as one kiss from him has Ashley agreeing to everything he planned on doing.

Ashley and Rick.  How long before they have a one-night stand again, because their significant other just doesn’t understand?  I already see a pregnancy “who’s the daddy” scenario coming up.  Ashley and Rick don’t mesh.  Rick and Phoebe don’t mesh either.  How about Rick and Katie?  Now that I would like to see.

Eric.  Wow – his haircut really makes him look very handsome.  I like the dynamics he has with Stephanie.  I’m partial because as rotten and evil as she is, Stephanie is my favorite.  I think she interferes way too much with her “grown” children, but she at least tells it like it is.  I have a feeling Eric is going to find out about Stephanie’s involvement with the rape and give her the boot. 

Donna and Thorne.  Wow, they moved this storyline along way too fast.  It’s a little ridiculous that Donna wants to marry Thorne to get back at Stephanie for taking away Brooke’s children.  I mean it wasn’t even Stephanie that took away the kids.  Honestly, she deserved to have them taken away – a fire and leaving them home alone?  Wow, nice.  Anyway, Donna and Thorne haven’t had a real conversation outside of the bedroom, and yet on his wedding day he was saying that he wants to be with her until his last day on Earth?  Ugh – I think he must still have those pills in his system.  Let’s hope his talk with Katie about Donna just marrying him for revenge on his mother will make him wise up.

I did like how all the guests looked on the wedding day especially Felicia and Katie in their beautiful blue dresses.  That’s about all I liked about the show this week.  Well, I guess that makes sense.  It is after all, fashion week.

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Page updated 11/24/10

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