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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

Space Bug’s LA Buzz

Column #3

August 25 - 29, 2003

Lines of the week: 

 Brooke to all: “Nobody who loves me could do this!”

Macy to Brooke: “Funny, but by my count, four men who loved you just did.”

Stephanie to Brooke:  “I see. You're planning a blazing comeback. Oh, I'm filled with anxiety. I must be concerned about this. Let me think -- that means you have to seduce a board member. Wait a minute -- there are no board members left. Even Ridge, your soul mate, voted against you. I think that leaves you with no options!

Brooke to Stephanie:  “God, what an idiot I’ve been!”

Deacon to Macy and Sally:  “It was cool.  It sucked.  Pretty bad.” 

*Yes Macy, you married a man that says “it sucked”.

          Ding dong, Brooke is gone...from Forrester.  I’m surprised that I didn’t hear Stephanie screaming that from the roof tops this past week... then again, I live in Pittsburgh, and she’s in sunny L.A....maybe it’s the time change.  This certainly was a monumental week, wasn’t it?  I wanted to start singing:  “Too many CEO’s on the wall, too many CEO’s.  Take one down and pass it around, still too many CEO’s on the wall.”  My question:  why can’t we have three companies?  Is that too hard to ask for?  Three companies, people!  Does Ridge really think that giving Brooke Spectra is going to solve problems?  (Well, I suppose it will solve his major problem of satisfying his libido, but will this really fix anything else?)

Let’s examine the situations, shall we? 

Eric Forrester and Sally Spectra.  Each built their own fashion house through hard work, determination, blood, sweat, tears... in short, the American dream.  Each conned out of their rightful place as CEO of their companies.  Eric gets his company back.  While Sally is the “puppet” operator of Spectra, we all know that the stigma is there that she doesn’t own the company anymore. 

Brooke Logan and Macy Alexander.  VERY BITTER RIVALS.  One occasionally works at Spectra, the company founded by her mother.  One was just ousted from her job as head of Forrester Creations by the hand of the other.  Now an even more bitter Brooke is about to take control of Spectra; in short, doing the same thing to Sally that she did to Eric.  Macy just helped to get rid of Eric’s headache, only to turn right back around and attempt to help her mother.  The problem?  There is absolutely nothing that Macy can do about it.

Did Ridge think this through too well?  I think not!  Massimo, the head cheese, hates Brooke.  Sally hates Brooke.  Macy hates Brooke.  Clark hates Brooke through association.  Let’s just say that Sally and Macy aren’t going to take this laying down.... well, if you’ve seen the spoilers, Sally  This whole brain storm is going to cause even more headaches then before... why can’t we just have three companies again?  Is that too hard to ask for?

          Anyways....  So, everyone who felt sorry for Brooke, please raise your hand (not to smack Macy, though).  I must admit, when she was rambling on about how when Ridge, the world, blah blah blah wasn’t there, the company was, I really did feel bad about what was happening.  I’ll admit it!  I FELT SORRY FOR BROOKE!  And yes, there were a couple of times that I did want to smack Macy.  Like when Thorne was trying to thank her for what she did.  She was so eager to shoot him down; all he wanted to do was say thank you.  (I guess we can all tell how secure some people are with their feelings).

          But, the pity that I felt for Brooke was quickly shed as the meeting continued and she made her pleas around the table.  (Did anyone else notice that Brooke has literally slept with every man in the room except her son?)  Ok, I’ll also admit that Stephanie and Macy did go a little overboard with the insults and the whole “kicking Brooke when she’s down” thing, but all I can say is:  PAYBACK IS A BITCH, ISN’T IT?  

          By far, though, my favorite part of this week’s episodes’ (besides seeing Sammy’s dog) was the restaurant scene with Brooke and Macy.  First of all, if anyone wants to open up a restaurant in L.A., I think that you’d have great business, 'cause as far as I can see, there are only three spots to get a bite to eat (and one of those was sweetly but stalker-ishly decorated with poster sized pictures), one bar to get a beer at, and one coffee shop, and apparently the Starbucks chain hasn’t made it out that far west yet.  No wonder everyone runs into each other!  And how often do people eat Mexican food?  Now, I love Mexican food, but come on!  Is Las Ola’s really the only casual restaurant around?  *I know you LA kids have got to have at least one Taco Bell!

          Now, Brooke’s whole sending-the-tequila-shots over to Macy and Deacon was harsh.  (It reminded me on how on the Young and the Restless, Lauren sent that banana split over to Traci (who was trying to watch her weight) when they were fighting over Danny.  *Before my time, but I’ve seen pictures of Traci dumping it over Lauren’s head).  And my, oh my, the same thing happened here!  While I have been annoyed with Macy as of late, I was very proud of my girl when she threw those drinks.  Sorry Brookies, but that was well deserved.  In my opinion, you don’t mess with recovering alcoholics like that.

          Oh, and did we all know that the show’s name is being changed to: “The Bold and the Magnificent”?  Yep, that’s right, cause apparently now it’s “The Macy” show, and we can’t have another B in the title to stand for Brooke.  You know what, a couple of months ago I would have been turning cart-wheels at the thought of throwing Macy front and center stage, and it’s not that I still wouldn’t mind seeing her there, but not like this.  Where is MY Macy?  Will someone please tell me??  Come on, let’s sing the song:

“Where or where has my Macy gone?  Oh, where, oh where can she be?  With her big brown eyes and her ego cut short, oh, where, oh where can she be?"

And let’s sing another:

“Too many CEO’s on the wall.  Too many CEO’s.  Take one down and pass it around, still too many CEO’s on the wall”

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 11/24/10

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