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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

Space Bug’s LA Buzz

Column #2

August 18 - 21, 2003

Lines of the week:

Massimo to Nick and Ridge: “I don’t want her {Brooke} with in a zip code of my wedding!”

Thorne to Eric:  “Brooke is a big girl; she can take care of herself”

Macy to Brooke:  “You bitch!”

***There were so many good lines this week, but these were my top three!

          Hey kids!  I thought that last week was fun!  Wow... I can’t believe what went on this week in LA!  Talk about drama drama drama!

          First of all:  WAY TO BE STEPHANIE!  Thank you for declaring how ludicrous Rick is being.  He is such an idiot!  Budge summed it up perfect to Amber: 

“My bother is acting like a complete moron!”  (Thank you Bridget!)  Oh, and my favorite part of this whole custody battle is the phrase that keeps being thrown around by everyone under the sun:  Rick and Amber have given Little Eric a stable home.  Bull!!!  Yes, I think that they have been good parents to the kid, but stable and Amber don’t belong in the same sentence unless she’s talking about horses for some reason.  Come on people!  Amber has a rap-sheet literally wrapping the globe, plus she and Rick have been separated/divorced/remarried how many times again?

          Oh, and have I mentioned how much I love Sam?  Let me say it again:  I love her.  Now, I ran out of tape on Tuesday, so I missed the beginning of her and Brooke’s first path cross, but I loved how it ended.  If I may quote again:

“Now I know how to design the bedrooms: Ridge on one side, Nick on the other, and Brooke in the middle with connecting doors to both rooms and a fire escape!”  (I love this girl!)  She very tastefully put Brooke in her place.  But I have one question for little Sammy... I love the dog... but why are we bringing it to work with you honey?  That didn’t make too much sense to me.  I mean, I can’t even bring my cat to college with me... how is she bringing a dog with her to Morone Industries?

          Let’s cheer another “WAY TO BE STEPHANIE” shall we?  This plot is ingenious, even for her.  I’m not thrilled with how she’s using the kid along with Rick/Amber and Macy, but hey, anything but “Ridgette” to see Brooke come crashing down right?  Another question my little mind was pondering though:  Rick and Amber weren’t allowed to have Deacon’s phone number in Mexico, right?  How did Stephers find it so easily in Brooke’s address book?

          And let’s discuss Brooke and Macy’s wonderful and I might add civil conversation at what must be the only place to get coffee in all of LA.  Come on Brooke!  Isn’t there a Starbucks around?  Why would you go to Macy’s brother’s coffee house?  Brooke... work with me here!  What ever attempt of a tell-off you get from Macy at the Insomnia is well deserved because you’re treading on her turf.  And girls!  What a cat fight!  And I thought that the wedding was bad!  Brooke, again:  YOU GOT BALLS!  If I were Macy, I would have decked you!  While I am oh so humored to watch these two battle it out, Macy, honey, sweetie:  let it go!  I know that it’s good for me that you keep dwelling on how you lost Thorne (yeah, Thorne, you’re beautiful and very sorry that he messed up ex-husband), but it’s not good for your agenda at the moment.  Take lessons from Sammy:  subtle insults work better with Brooke.  The only person that can give Brooke any competition as far as bitching-out goes is Stephanie.  Macy, face it, while I’m proud of you for trying, you’re just not good at cat fighting.  But, you’ve still got your two percent!

          I can’t wait to see tomorrow and Monday!  I won’t get my hopes up too high because chances are that Brooke will get voted back in for a special edition episode of “Survivor Forrester Style” when Rick and Amber eventually get custody back, but seeing her thrown out on her ass for a little while is going to be fun!  And let’s say the cheer one more time:

“WAY TO BE STEPHANIE!”  Oh hell, let’s add in a “MACE HER MACY!” while we’re at it!

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 11/24/10

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