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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

By Suzanne

I have been catching up on watching The Bold & Beautiful for the last month or so.

Two of the stories were really good, but the others were kind of stupid.

First let's focus on the positive. The story of Bill Spencer coming in and trying to steal away Forrester, and using Stephanie, has been fantastic. The actor who plays Bill was okay as Brad on Y&R, but he is ON FIRE as dastardly Bill. He has chemistry with everyone. It was fun seeing Stephanie break free and go on the attack, but it was also fun when she made a misstep and let Bill use her. Stephanie is very smart, but she's also sometimes blinded by her own anger or passion. Then she turned around and outsmarted Bill. In the meantime, we wondered if Donna was going to sleep with him in order to save Eric and his company. This is kind of like when Stephanie blackmailed her to leave Eric (to save her brother), but this time she did not give in. Good for her! I love Eric and Donna together. It was WONDERFUL seeing the Forresters working together against Bill (I almost choked when Stephanie said to Eric that Donna was right!), and the close moments between Eric and Stephanie. All of that was the best story.

B&B is always good about rectifying their mistakes. Although it took them too long, they finally realized that Nick and Katie had no chemistry and broke them up, and put him back with Bridget. It happened a bit too fast, though, so I hope they don't make Nick and Bridget boring again. I hope Katie and Nick can go back to being quirky friends, too.

The short story about Pam and Donna going on "Price Is Right" was fabulous! It was very funny. Those two have the best chemistry on the show. More Pam and Donna, please!

The way Ridge has been acting has been really stupid. I understand that he has plenty of reason to hate Rick, and although I think it's kind of unfair, I can even understand that he blames him for Phoebe's death. Watching him rant and rave about Rick has become tiresome. His constant attempts to boss Steffy and Brooke around have been really annoying. It was really unfair for him to put Brooke in the middle of his fights with Rick. He shouldn't expect her to side with him against her own son. Brooke was stupid, too. She should have just stepped aside and said, "Don't put me in the middle". I like Taylor and Stephanie's friendship, but I don't like how Taylor has been so conniving. That is totally out of character for her. And it makes her look so pathetic to go chasing after Ridge. How many times does he have to dump her before she learns her lesson? They all ought to tell Ridge to go jump in a lake.

And while I'm on the subject, what kind of a guy leaves his wife for such petty reasons and doesn't once mention their young children? It's as if they don't exist.  Somehow his grown daughter is more important than them?

Steffy needs to grow up. Ridge should not be meddling in her love life or threatening her or Rick. They are adults! It's completely ridiculous. I could understand it if he was just upset, or threatening to cut her off financially, but otherwise he has no control over her. It's stupid of Ridge to blame Brooke for what Rick does, too. Saying that Ridge is grieving for his daughter is not a good excuse (and why isn't he in therapy, since his ex-wife is one, and even Rick is seeing one?). He's supposed to be an adult. Why doesn't Steffy just tell Ridge that if he doesn't stop interfering in her life, she will run off with Rick? She needs to put her foot down. Brooke does, too. And speaking of therapists, why doesn't Rick tell Ridge that he's seeing one and why doesn't he ask the therapist about this whole situation? All soap characters should see therapists, of course, but good ones, not messed up ones like Taylor. Stephanie was seeing one, and it has not done her any good...she obviously needs a new one.

I hope Ridge's taking-drugs story is worth all this other BS. What kind of psychiatrist is Taylor to be prescribing drugs to her ex-husband?

The other bad story is Nick's getting upset about Jackie and Owen. It's like they are making him mini-Ridge. First of all, it's creepy that he takes such an interest in his mother, and they have these disturbing discussions about sex. Secondly, she already had a young lover years ago (Deacon, remember?), so this is not exactly new. Third, she used to be a prostitute, so why would Nick be so protective and assume that she does not know what she's doing or that Owen could be using her? It's completely ridiculous.

I like Owen and Jackie together, but they need a better story than this. So do Nick and Bridget. So do Ridge and Brooke. And while we're at it, let's give Thorne and Felicia more story...

This show has always been a bit incestuous, but lately it seems worse. Everyone just interferes in their family's love lives WAY too much.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 11/24/10

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