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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

My 2 Cents
By Snoopy
June 3, 2007

Ok gang. Snoopy has been very pleased with the Bold & the Beautiful lately. This is the stuff that soap operas are made of: conflict, drama, suspense. This has been some of Ronn Mossís finest work as Ridge Forester. Itís great to see a story where history comes into play. Itís also great to see a story that can involve many other characters. Snoopy hopes that eventually, Ridge and Nick can use all of their passionate energy and be on the same team for once. These two brothers have more in common than they would like to admit. Maybe someway, somehow, the powers that be will turn these antagonistic enemies into real brothers. The only thing that could make the current storyline go any better is if Massimo were to come into play. What a shame that such a powerful character and portrayer (in Joseph Mascolo) is not there to help bring this storyline home. It would be interesting to watch how he sides along his sons or if he would side at all. It would also be fun to see if Massimo and Stephanie, once good friends would turn into enemies after she almost let his son go down for a murder rap that he didnít commit in order to protect his other son.

Now, although Snoopy is very intrigued with the current storyline, Snoopy is also getting weary, wondering when his other faves will be brought back to a front burner storyline. Snoopy misses Felicia, Bridget, and Thorne. Itís a wonder that Donna was brought on last summer and brought about lots of good conflict between Brooke and Ridge and others, and now itís as though she is a background character. The same goes for Storm. The name seems contradictory to the lack of storm that the character is bringing to the show. Itís more like a light breeze.

What the heck happened to Pam and Stephanieís mom? There was lots of potentially good story (especially involving Eric, Stephanie, and Pam). Are they still on the show, or was it just too expensive to keep these heavyweights on the back burner with all of the other stars on this show?


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