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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

My 2 Cents
By Snoopy

Snoopy Doo! Itís been a while since my last column, but Snoopy became a little snoozy with As the World Turns, and so I decided to put my 2 cents in on the Bold and the Beautiful. 

What a great show!  The fast moving storylines are the best, because Snoopy doesnít like to wait for months on end to find out what happens.  The character of Brooke is unbelievable (although Katherine Kelley Lang) does a fabulous job with her.  Why canít this woman act her age??? These men are not toys for her to put away and take out as she desires.  I want to play with Ridge today. No, I want to play with Nick. Snoopy has never been a Brooke and Ridge fan. In fact, Snoopy was a die-hard Taylor and Ridge fan, and even grew to be quite fond of Nick and Brooke.  However, the appalling way that Brooke and Ridge treated their prospective mates, now has Snoopy rooting for Nick and Taylor. Although their storyline did move along quite suddenly, Snoopy thinks that these two just might have a chance. It would be nice for Brooke to have an introspective storyline for a change (like Stephanie did with the child abuse story).  Maybe Brooke could have a nervous breakdown, or develop multiple personalities from all of the trauma that she has brought upon herself. 

Now Bridget has been on the back burner for far too long now.  She hasnít had a date since Dante, and that was last summer.  Letís get her with somebody her own age this time.  Speaking of needing a storyline, Felicia needs to be front and center pronto.  This show seems to love middle age beauties, and Felicia is certainly one, so why canít she be front and center like Brooke, Taylor, and Ashley.  It seems as though it wouldnít be so hard to write for this feisty one.  I guess the only problem is that everyone on the show is related to her in some way. What about Storm?? 

Is it me, or did The Bold & the Beautiful drop the ball on the potential Stephanie, Pam, and Eric triangle.  This had the makings of a great and classic story, and now Snoopy is wondering if Pam and her meddling mother moved back to Chicago. 

Itís too bad that Massimo is no longer on the show, because the battle between Ridge and Nick, and now the murder stuff that is going on, would be a prime time for Moss to intervene.  If nothing else, Snoopy misses his portrayerís presence. 

Snoopy is definitely not feeling the Rick and Phoebe connection.  Snoopy saw more chemistry with Shane and Harry. Speaking of Harry (what happened to him?) Rick sure acts more immature than Phoebe for all of his 28 years.  Did it strike anyone else as weird or a little odd that Nick asked Rick to be the best man at his wedding, seeing as though Rick clearly would prefer that Nick not marry Taylor?  When did Nick and Rick even become so close?  It seems that Storm (although he is Brookeís brother) would have been a better choice, being as though they work together on a daily basis.   

Where on earth is Thorne?  He was in a front burner storyline, and disappeared as soon as he kicked Taylor to the curb.  The question has been asked as to how Ridge, Brooke, and others feel about the marriage of Nick and Taylor, but no one seems to care what Thorne thinks (or does he even know).  Thatís my 2 cents for now.   


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Page updated 11/24/10

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