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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

Mr. Ridge Forrester/Marone and Miss Logan
By J.V.

Has it _FINALLY_ happened?  Does the usually-arrogant Mr. Ridge Forrester/Marone have some character and principles after all?  It would appear so, and I for one am _MOST_ grateful!!!  Yes, he still wants his Logan, but he has somehow not yet stooped so lo as to take advantage of her when she is not fully possessed of her faculties due to taking tranquilizers.  When the two of them were in bed together, I was wondering if we were in for more of the sex-crazed La Logan, conceivably any man doing for her provided he could satisfy her carnal desires, and she here betraying the trust of her currently-beloved sailor for the sex of the moment.  She had been standing up, both to her father and her "blow-hard" ex-husband, but here she was, melting under the spell of her repeated destiny once again.  I hope her submission was _SOLELY_ the result of the tranquilizers, though I must reluctantly consider that these helped an old habit to linger on for a while.  Yet she returned to her new? principles when she regained her faculties, and her previously-unforgettable is now in for the wrath of the Senior Male Logan.  Though again he still wants her, his contrition seemed genuine to me, and, should this be so, may Mr. Logan's wrath somehow be lessened, though obviously there are consequences for one's actions.

It appears that La Logan's father and others will now support her sailor boy, and I wish them well, though I personally could do without those "goochie goochie goo" scenes between him and the children, and long make-out scenes which keep us from more action, etc., which generally appeals to me, I being unable to see what is going on in those sensual scenes which so appeal to others.

Yes, it was a long time in coming, but again _THANK_GOODNESS_ it_DID_!!!

Turning briefly to that other major _B&B_ story of the moment, why not let Miss Felicia get just a little better and then have _HER_ go to Italy with Master Dominic and his father?


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Page updated 11/24/10

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