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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

By Destiny Eve Pifer
April 23, 2007

No words can describe how disappointing this show has become. Everyone seems to playing musical beds or else fading into the background. Now we have the destruction of a longtime couple, the death of a character we hardly got to know, the rise of a teen drama queen and the destruction of various characters.

Bridge aka Ridge and Brooke have been doing the soul mate dance for over 17 years. For years Brooke chased after Ridge. She tried to seduce him and even tried to break up his marriages. Convinced he was her soul mate she never gave up. Then when she gets him and is about to walk down the aisle she suddenly decides that Nick not Ridge is her soul mate. Ridge of course has gladly moved on with Ashley Abbott but now he has gotten himself in an even bigger mess.

Somewhere along the line Nick Marone has become the ultimate prize. He is sleeping with Taylor and declaring his love. However now Brooke wants him back and is going to fight Taylor for him. Talk about disgusting crap. I have never been able to stomach two women fighting over a man. The fact that Nick was once married to Brooke’s daughter Bridget and they were going to have a child together is even more disgusting. Of course Brooke doesn’t seem to care and now she and Taylor are fighting over who will bare Nick’s child. Sick really sick!

We have teen drama queen Phoebe Forrester as the new siren who seems to be luring in one guy after another. Instead of finishing High School she has become a famous model. Come on lets be real here. Sure she is pretty but when it comes to brains the girl isn’t that smart. She is in love with a guy whom she once thought to be her step-uncle/stepbrother. EWWW!  Then we have Shane McGraff who was a bad boy on his way to being reformed. We never got the chance to know Shane. He came on and immediately developed a liking to sweet little Phoebe and was willing to fight a guy named Harry for her. Harry of course vanished like so many other characters. Shane went off to find a job but then suddenly returned even more messed up than before.

Apparently he never got over his obsession for Phoebe. He lost his job and became homeless. Even worse he decided out of the blue to commit suicide. Now of course Ridge had to be involved and was struggling with Shane when he pulled the trigger. Afraid to go to jail he decided to get rid of Shane’s body. Now he and mommie dearest are partners in crime and the whole thing is just screwed up.

I can’t for the life of me understand what is so interesting about Phoebe. Her wide-eyed looks and good girl attitude grate on my nerves. In my opinion they need to kill her off and bring back Steffy as the bad twin. Make her a troublemaker. The whole thing with Rick and Phoebe is just too gross for my taste. The girl is what 17 or 18 but looks 15. He is divorced with a kid somewhere. EWWW!

Bridget is barely on anymore and apparently still hung up on Nick. Why I have no clue? Felicia is on the backburner as is Clarke, Thorne, Storm and Donna. Nice variety huh. Nothing ticks me off more than favoritism. It’s always the same characters day in and day out without any stability. If I were those six I would jump ship and go to another soap. The ratings are already in the toilet and its only going to get worse.

My predictions are:

Brooke will drug Nick and get him into bed. Then she will have sex with him and get pregnant.

Out of obligation he will marry her despite being in love with Taylor.

Ridge will continue to hide Shane’s disappearance.

Knowing the writers he’ll frame Nick and make it look like Nick did it.

Steph will help of course.

Phoebe will have yet another man chasing her and will end up in a triangle while I puke in the garbage can.

Bridget will continue to fade into the background and if by some chance she snares a new man it will only be a matter of time before he decides to comfort her mother.

Ashley will be torn between Rick and Ridge.

Jackie and Steph will continue to meddle.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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