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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

By Sue

Brooke and Ridge said their good-byes on the roof…again.  He talked about knowing how a jumper must feel.  I’m thinking he should’ve freaked Brooke out and told her he was feeling like a pusher.  That’s just me.  Brooke also called a meeting and handed in her resignation.  I can’t even get my boss to answer the intercom let alone come to a meeting that I arranged.  I think it would’ve been great it Stephanie jumped on the table and burst into song when she quit.  Oh well.  Tears all around over her leaving with a kiss from Eric.  How sweet it is. 

Since I’m on a roll about Brooke, her actions are making my head spin.  Sometimes Brooke dear, NO just means NO.  No doesn’t mean keep coming into the office unannounced.  No doesn’t mean saying “You still love me”.  I’m still not sure if she’s asking Nick that or telling him.  It’s almost painful to watch her. And then just to throw in the mother of all whammies, she said he could adopt Hope.  Wow, she has no limits! Okay Nick – make it clear.  Just tell her no…again…beat it…hit the road...hasta la vista.

As for Ridge and Ashley, well there could finally be a couple that wasn’t related.  But this week it is not to be.  He kisses her first and then says nope, he’ll find a different way to cope with his break up.  Cold dude!  I still can’t wrap my mind around Ashley and Rick.  They have no chemistry and for her to throw herself at Rick?  Oh crystal ball, tell me, is there another love triangle…er...square coming up Ridge/Rick/Ashley/Phoebe?  I think so…me no likey! Side note: I wonder if perfume labs are really like the one that Ashley works in?  Beaker tubes full of colored water bubbling.  Hmm, I’ll have to call Avon. 

Now I know from all the television that I watch that there are pregnancy tests that tell you sooner if you’re pregnant.  I didn’t realize they worked almost instantaneously.  And only on television will your pharmacist deliver the home pregnancy test to your office.   I don’t think Nick and Taylor will be successful on this go-round of trying which in turn will just give Brooke more hope.  I do think what will happen is that Nick and Taylor will have a disagreement and Nick will go to Brooke for comfort and Taylor will then become pregnant.  I know, I know, things like this have never happened before on a soap.  I really do hope they keep Nick and Taylor together.  I said it before that I like them.  Which means they will break them up.  Darn you for only listening when I like something. 

Phoebe and Rick are now openly dating.  Huh?  What did I miss?  One punch to the eye and that means Ridge has given his approval?  I don’t recall him saying that since he and Brooke broke up that Phoebe and Rick can now give it a go.  Although do not fear Ridge, I have a feeling these two won’t be together long.  I don’t know why the kids are fighting anyway.  They’re both in agreement that their mothers should be with Nick.  Can’t we all just get along? 

So at the end of the week what do we have?  Brooke and Ridge saying good bye.  Stephanie saying good riddance.  Taylor and Nick are hoping for a visit from the stork.  Phoebe and Rick arguing about whose mother should be with Nick.  Ashley daydreaming about her young friend Rick and sharing a kiss with her older friend, Ridge.  Brooke harassing Nick again about being together.  Stephanie butting into everyone’s business.  It’s just another week at the Bold and the Beautiful.  I’m exhausted! 

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 11/24/10

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