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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

By Sue

I can’t believe Brooke on the show.  She goes from being days away to marrying Ridge to Nick’s bed?  Huh?  What happened to loving Ridge?  What happened to her wedding?  And most importantly, what will happen to all the wedding food?  Her love just drained away?  Kind of like her memory of Nick and Bridget.  Drain, drain, drain away.  Apparently it’s okay to sleep with a child of hers, but not hit them.  If someone dumped another just hours before and now was proclaiming their love to me – I’d run.  Okay, well maybe not if it was Jack Wagner – but I’m just saying. 

Stephanie is my favorite character on the show.  She says what I’m thinking.  When she told Brooke she was in a pickle, I almost fell off the couch laughing.  Doesn’t know whether to poke her in the eye or kiss her!!  She also said exactly what I was thinking – in love with Ridge – long plane ride home – now in love with Nick?  Start up a line Steph and we can all wait to poke Brooke in the eye.  

I once liked Rick, now not so much.  He seems to be acting very smug.  I can’t put my finger on it – but maybe it has something to do with his hair.  Maybe I can’t get over that it still looks too long.  Maybe it just seems a little odd that he’s supposed to be 28 and Phoebe is 18 – just seems wrong.  Never mind that the Forrester family tree doesn’t seem to fork and they’re related somehow.  Its okay for Ridge and Brooke to marry although she has been involved with his brother and father, but it’s not okay for Rick and Phoebe who are the most unrelated of the clan.  Wha…wha…what? 

I like Nick and Taylor together.  I think they act naturally and like a somewhat normal couple.   Well okay, except for the all night romp sessions.  Who does that all night every night and then go to work the next day?  If he dumps Taylor for Brooke – I’m going to protest.  I will cancel my DVD order of Melrose Place pronto!!!  Sometimes when they show Taylor up close I kind of get a little scared.  Her face doesn’t have one wrinkle.  It almost looks like a mask.  Brooke looks almost like a Shar Pei compared to Taylor.  Anyway, Nick – stay with Taylor.   I like the two of you together.  That’s reason enough – ‘cause I like you two. 

I think B&B needs a few more characters.  If they’re going to have love triangles they need some new blood.  I mean Brooke/Taylor/Nick.  Eric/Stephanie/Pam.  Phoebe/Ashley/Rick.  Throw some new blood in the mix!!  At least get Betty White involved in one of them.  Now a Phoebe/Anne/Rick triangle I would really enjoy!!!  I’d be in a pickle!!!!

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Page updated 11/24/10

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