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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

By J.V.

If I may, I wish to begin by going back to a while ago when the Dominick Marones lost their baby. Since I started with _Y&R_ in 1995, I have been _MOST_ pleased as to how, in virtually all cases, the Bells have treated the unborn! Abortions are _THANKFULLY_ avoided, and, in this specific instance, and though an abortion is not at issue here, this couple recognized that, though a fictional character on a television program, this child would have been a _REAL_ person were this story real, and hopefully would have been regarded as such from the _INSTANT_ of conception!!!

I trust we all regret the death of Miss Felicia Forrester, wishing she could have remained to love her son, though I personally do not share her partying spirit. She _CERTAINLY_ loved the assumed father of her child, insisting he was his up to the _VERY_ last possible moment, and still wished he could be raised by him and his then-wife. Yet it seems that she accepted the fact of his _REAL_ father in the end, and that he would now raise him with the mother of her choice, the latter's marriage now being over, the equally-unfortunate death of another, their natural daughter, playing a regrettable part in this as well.

But, _MOST_ unfortunately for me personally, what would this program be without one of my _ABSOLUTE_ least-favorite of soap characters I have yet encountered, Miss Brooke Logan? In addition to her well-known lack of morals, I was especially sore with her, and with Mr. Bell, for using her to interrupt one of my favorite storylines of _ALL_ my time with the genre to date, that of Master Zende Forrester Dominguez. I think she has also interrupted others, though maybe it is well that I cannot currently remember which these were! I do, perhaps with some reluctance, have to admit that her current doings are at least slightly gripping, the dilemma as to who she will choose this time, Destiny No. 1, her much-recycled, supposedly-unforgettable relationship with Mr. Ridge of the Huge Ego, or Destiny No. 2, the man she temporarily (or will it be so?) sacrificed for her daughter's happiness, the typically-hot-blooded sailor, Mr. Nick Marone. I currently have mixed feelings about that sailor's father. My conservative, traditionalist head understands him wanting to preserve his family lineage in at least some sort of honor and continuity (though he is also flawed), but my heart is leaning, though not exactly passionately, toward this son getting his woman, thus _MAYBE_ giving his other and preferred-match son, Meister Ridge, a little knocking-down from his pedestal, for the which _AT_ _LEAST_ some have been calling for some time!!!

As those of us who have been around _B&B_ for at least a few years may recall, Mr. Bell, when releasing Miss Tylo for a time, allegedly said that Dr. Hayes was just too virtuous. So, after she was back for a while, he brought _HER_ down a few pegs as well. While this maverick never much cared for her personality, I regret the hardships she has recently suffered, though, again regrettably, the night she spent with Dr. Warwick is certainly realistic. Yet one could wish that it had not happened to her. As I have asked in personal E-Mails, etc., could we not _PLEASE_ do with some old-fashioned _VIRTUE_ on our soaps from time to time, even though they, by nature, are largely taken up with unvirtuous doings? May Dr. Hayes somehow beat that country-music and otherwise demon, Al K. Hall, may Miss Logan get her sailor, and then may that couple _PLEASE_ weigh anchor and sail _AS_ _FAR_ _AS_ _POSSIBLE_ away from Los Angeles (as is said, is one not allowed to dream?)!!!

J. V.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Page updated 11/24/10

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