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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

By Julio

Here we go again: another fashion showdown, this time over Thorne. What ever happened to free will and the ability to make a decision? Does every dilemma in Los Angeles have to be settled on the runway? Iím hoping Massimo will buy Thorneís share of Forrester and become involved with the company or give his shares for Nick to manage, Nick has already proven himself as a businessman while Massimo was in a vegetative state so he should have no problem with the Forrester shares.

The scenes with Serge, the party planner were the funniest of the week. His come-on to Clarke and his bikini wax comments were hilarious. The show is lacking a fun, light character like him. How can it be this show is set in the fashion business and there isnít a gay character? Many, many men involved in this business are gay and should be represented on a fashion themed soap.

Apparently all feelings between Bridget and Ridge are gone and will never arise. I highly doubt this is true, every time Bridget is around Ridge she has a lovesick look. I believe itís only a matter of time before these two begin sharing more than kisses. I loved the conversation between Brooke and Nick, she acknowledges the importance Nick has in her life and the role he played in helping out Bridget. It is disturbing to see Stephanie rooting for a Nick-Bridget relationship considering he slept with her mother and is her stepfatherís brother. Honestly, the incest on this show becomes too much at times.

Massimoís plan paid off and Deacon has resumed his relationship with the bottle. Evil Deacon will arise soon and Jackie will see the other side she refuses to believe in. Jackie already experienced his dark side when he ran her out of the apartment, and this is only the beginning. Isnít anyone suspicious as to why Heather climbs into an extended limo which looks exactly like Massimoís during her lunch breaks? Heatherís comment regarding her feelings towards Massimo were a bit unexpected and surprising.

Finally Amber is gone out of the Forrester home and possibly out of Thomasís life. Her actions were completely out of line and for once I agreed with the way Ridge handled the situation and told her off. However this is Amber Moore weíre talking about and she wonít go down without a fight.

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Page updated 11/24/10

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