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The Bold & Beautiful Article

B&B Opinion Article

The Bold and the Brutal
By Destiny Eve Pifer
January 12, 2007

I will fully admit that I haven't been one bit enthused by this show. I can remember the first time I started watching. I had always tuned into Days of our Lives, The Young and the Restless and General Hospital but never tuned into The Bold and the Beautiful until one warm day. While on College Break I was flipping through the channels when I came across a handsome hunk that grabbed my attention. That handsome hunk was Sean Kanan who portrayed Deacon Sharpe.

At the time, Deacon was chasing after Amber Moore. Then their was the return of Kristen Forrester who came back to the family business. Kristen was sent to entice the hunky Antonio a brilliant designer who joined Spectra. I found myself captivated by the storylines and watched as Deacon did one dastardly deed after another. When he couldn't have Amber he decided that her new sister-in-law Bridget would do. I had hope for Bridget and Deacon until the TPTB totally ruined their love affair by having Deacon and Bridget's mother Brooke have an affair.

There have been many disgusting storylines such as the son-in-law boink; Bridget falling for Ridge whom she thought at one time was her brother. Then we had Amber seduce Ridge's way too young son Thomas. We have suffered through people coming back from the dead such as Taylor, surviving cancer like Felicia, getting away with murder once again Taylor, another triangle with Brooke and Bridget this time involving Bridget's husband Nick. A series of other disasters hit the show but still many of us fans stuck through it.

Now many of the fans have gotten what they wanted the reuniting longtime lovers Brooke and Ridge. While other fans are not too thrilled over the pair. I for one am hoping that TPTB will just leave them alone and focus on other storylines. However the storylines seem to be a brutal mess I need of serious fixing. We have the ex- Sea Captain Nick Marone leaving his sea roots and stealing Forrester Creations yes a Fashion House. My mouth literally dropped open over that one. What does a Sea Captain know about Fashion? We have Thorne turning to the woman who killed his wife. Yes I know it was supposedly Darla's fault but I find that hard to believe. Taylor however doesn't seem to feel the same way about Thorne. Instead she is fighting an attraction to Nick. I swear it's going to turn into a session of musical chairs or should I say beds.

Meanwhile Stephanie Forrester has set out with the goal to bring Nick and his mother Jackie down. She is determined to win back Forrester Creations after all it is the company that she and her husband built. Stephanie isn't holding back or taking any mercy. She managed to get a hold of some dirt on Jackie and humiliate both mother and son. Ridge and Thorne gladly jumped on board.

I have to admit that there are characters that grate my nerves like Donna Logan. At one time Donna was sweet and nice. She had goals and if my memory serves me right she was a brunette. She got along with Brooke and stood by her. This new Donna is obsessed with Ridge and against Brooke. She has joined forces with Nick and Jackie. Helping to take Forrester Creations away from the Forrester Family. It's a disgrace and makes me wonder what happened to the real Donna?

Then there is Bridget who I have always stood by even when she acted really stupid. I think this character is in need of a serious change. I need to see her in a juicy and dark storyline. Let her show her intelligence and actually find a good guy. As for Shane I think he is going to bring darkness to the show and I find that intriguing. I don't see him as a young version of Deacon but something more sinister. I see him causing trouble and maybe being a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I know many tune in to see Ridge/Brooke and Nick/Taylor/Thorne. However I long to see a variety of characters and better storylines. I would like to see more of Clarke, Sally, Bridget and Shane. Would like to Storm back on and paired with Felicia or maybe some new woman. Lets see something new and more exciting.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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