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From Soap Opera Digest 1/15/08: An article discusses mother-daughters who slept with the same men, including Vicky, Marley and Donna.

From Soap Opera Digest 8/29/06: Lisa Peluso (Lila) had some problems with a woman that she let stay in her cabin on her property; the woman refused to leave and then was found to be starving her children, so Peluso's husband had to call the authorities and have the woman arrested 7/25.

From Soap Opera Digest 1/17/06: Nicholas Pryor (ex-Victor Collins, PORT CHARLES; ex-Chancellor Milton Arnold, BEVERLY HILLS, 90210; ex-Tom Baxter) is interviewed in an article about soap hoppers.

Judi Evans (Bonnie Lockhart/ex-Adrienne Kiriakis, DAYS; ex-Paulina Cory; ex-Beth Raines, GL) is featured in a pictorial about soap hoppers who have appeared on SOAP OPERA DIGEST covers as four different characters.

From Soap Opera Digest 11/8/05: In a short interview, Linda Dano (ex-Rae, OLTL/GH/PORT CHARLES/AMC; ex-Felicia) talks about her recent appearance on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES; the episode is scheduled to air on 11/13.

ATWT receives a "Thumbs Up" for the recent appearance of ANOTHER WORLD's Cass Winthrop.

From Soap Opera Digest 10/11/05: Fans hope that the Cassie recast on GL will be Jensen Buchanan (ex-Vicky/Marley, AW; ex-Melissa, GH).

From Soap Opera Digest 9/13/05: In a short piece, Russell Todd (ex-Jamie; ex-Jordy, CAPITOL) reminisces about the time he temporarily replaced Don Diamont in the role of Y&R's Brad.

The feature story is a soap trivia quiz, including questions about all nine current daytime dramas, as well as KNOTS LANDING and ANOTHER WORLD.

From Soap Opera Digest 8/30/05: The magazine catches up with CHARMED's Brian Krause (ex-Matthew Cory), Lisa Peluso (ex-Lila Winthrop; ex-Ava, LOVING; ex-Wendy, SEARCH FOR TOMORROW), John Aprea (ex-Alexander Nikos/ex-Lucas Castigliano), Russell Todd (ex-Jamie Frame), and James Horan (ex-Denver "Denny" Hobson).

From Soap Opera Digest 8/23/05: Beginning on 8/18, Stephen Schnetzer (ex-Cass Winthrop, GL/ATWT/ANOTHER WORLD) returns to ATWT as Bay City's legal eagle.

In "Roundup," Cameron Mathison (Ryan, AMC) says David Forsyth (ex-Jim, AMC; ex-John), Teresa Blake (ex-Gloria, AMC), and Marcy Walker (ex-Liza, AMC) showed him the ropes at work.

From Soap Opera Digest 8/16/05: Beginning on 8/19, David Lee Russek (ex-Sean, Y&R; ex-Perry/ex-Chip; ex-Christos, GL) briefly plays PASSIONS's Payne.

From Soap Opera Digest 7/19/05: In a short piece, Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH) says she really didn't get a chance to get to know her first on-screen mom, Kristina Wagner (ex-Felicia, GH), but says she gets along great with Wagner's replacement, Sandra Ferguson (Felicia, GH; ex-Amanda).

From Soap Opera Digest 7/12/05: In late April, James Horan (ex-Clay, LOVING; ex-Creed, AMC; ex-Brett, GH; ex-Sky, EDGE OF NIGHT; ex-Denny; ex-Kirk, GL) married translator Stefania Bronzoni.

From Soap Opera Digest 6/14/05: On 6/9, Sandra Ferguson (ex-Amanda; ex-Jade, SUNSET BEACH; ex-Brooke, B&B) steps into the role of GH's Felicia, replacing current portrayer Kristina Wagner. Ferguson tied the knot with her stunt coordinator-fiancé on Memorial Day Weekend.

From Soap Opera Digest 6/7/05: On 6/10, Kevin McClatchy (ex-Brian, OLTL; ex-Nick; ex-Vinnie, GL) plays GH's Evan.

In a short piece, Shanelle Workman (Gaby, B&B; ex-Flash, OLTL) reminisces about working on a film with Ray Liotta (ex-Joey).

From Soap Opera Digest 5/31/05: Sometime this summer, Joe Barbara (ex-Joe) will appear on GL for two days as cop Chad.

Christopher Marquette (ex-Gregory Hudson) is featured in an article about NBC soap alums.

From Soap Opera Digest 5/24/05: William J. Bell, co-creator of Y&R, B&B, and ANOTHER WORLD, passed away on 4/29 at the age of 78 from complications from Alzheimer's Disease. Bell has also written for GL, ATWT, and DAYS during his prolific career.

Linda Dano (Lena, GL; ex-Felicia, ANOTHER WORLD; ex-Rae, OLTL) is featured in the cover story about big names returning to soap roles or jumping to other soaps.

In a short piece, Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren, Y&R), an avid fan of defunct soaps ANOTHER WORLD and RYAN'S HOPE, says she was excited to meet Roscoe Born (Tom, Y&R; ex-Joe Novak, RYAN'S HOPE).

From Soap Opera Digest 5/17/05: John Bolger (ex-John, OLTL; ex-Gabe) is mentioned in a piece about soap stars who have appeared in the LAW & ORDER series.

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Things posted on our site after AW was canceled:

Wasn't Charles Keating great in the final episode of Hercules as Zeus???

From: Gift Maker <>

Hi! My name is Melissa, and I am an avid AW fan. I wanted to pass this along to you in hopes that you could also spread the word. In order to honor the contributions the cast and crew of AW has made for the past 35 years, I established two memorial funds as a way of giving back. Most recently, I had the honor of attending an online chat with Victoria Wyndham and Charles Keating. When I told them about the two funds and the possibility of a dedication ceremony next year, they immediately said they wanted to attend! Now, it is up to us to make this a reality. The first is a bench that has been designated for us (provided we raise the necessary funds) in Central Park, New York, NY. The selected bench (#03836) is located on the Lake under Cherry Hill. The bench sits under a shady tree, which offers some privacy in this otherwise popular place. To the right is Bow Bridge, a landmark that many call one of the most beautiful small bridges in the world, and in the distance, part of the Manhattan skyline. This truly is a beautiful place, and to me, offers a mixture of quiet reflection and inspiration. A plaque will be placed on our bench with an inscription dedicating it to the cast and crew of Another World.  In order to secure the bench in the name of AW fans, we must raise $5,000. Don’t fret at that large amount! We already have 10% of that in! All donations are fully tax-deductible, and the money raised will contribute to the maintenance of the bench and the surrounding area. NO gift is too small (or too large!) Just imagine if every AW fan donated just $5 to this last tribute. This is one way that we can show the world how much AW meant to us and show the cast, the crew and all who pass in the park that AW lives on.  If you would like to contribute, please make your check payable to: Central Park Conservancy Bench Fund, and write on it "AW Fan Gift."  Please mail your check to: Central Park Conservancy, 14 East 60th Street, New York, NY 10022.  The other fund is a memorial fund that has been established in the name of Another World for the benefit of the Actor’s Fund of America.  This not-for-profit agency provides for the welfare of all entertainment professionals. Founded in 1882, the Fund provides comprehensive human services, in addition to emergency grants for essentials such as food, rent, and medical care to individuals who have spent five qualifying years in the entertainment industry. The Fund also provides supportive housing: 1) Nursing Home and Assisted Living Care Facility for aging entertainment professionals, 2) The Aurora for special low-income groups, and 3) The Palm View for entertainment professionals with HIV/AIDS.  This agency was selected due to its leadership in the entertainment industry, the extensive and encompassing resources they offer, their national presence, and in honor of the contribution that the cast and crew of AW have given to the entertainment industry for 35 years.  Your contribution is fully tax-deductible and will be used to support the agency is both programmatic and operational costs. For more information on the Fund, please visit their website at   If you would like to contribute, please make your check payable to "The Actor’s Fund of America," and write on it, "AW Fan Gift." Please mail your check to: The Actor’s Fund of America c/o Development Department 729 Seventh Avenue, 10th Floor New York, NY 10019.  For all of who have already given, thank you. Please do not feel pressure to give, but remember every little bit helps! If you have any questions, please email me at

NBC has canceled Another World! Boo-hoo!!!
Got this in email: "We still maybe able to save Another World but everyone must help. We need to convince CTV (in Canada) to buy the show (It is the highest rated soap in Canada). They can then sell it in syndication around the world (like many of the talk shows) & make a large profit much like CBS does with B&B.
So visit the link below & email the VP of programming, Drama Progamming & anyone else who you think can help. Do it as often as possible & tell your friends too. Feel free to pass this on to other websites.Thank You
Almost Human, says: We are holding a Rally in NYC the day of the Another World Fan Club Luncheon in the morning to show are support for AW . Anyone wanting information can email me."  The luncheon is April 24, 1999.

Hey, everyone. Last year, Charles Keating (Carl) was on Delphi to chat. We got to send him email, too. I sent him an email telling him how much I loved him in the 80's miniseries "Fresno" (a Falcon Crest/Dallas spoof with Carol Burnett; he played her butler and he was really funny). He replied!!! I am so thrilled. He said:

Date sent: Sun, 01 Mar 1998 21:30:15 -0500 (EST)
Dear Suzanne,
Yes, that last scene with Carol Burnett, playing her chauffeur in Fresno was one of my favorites. Thanks for watching.

Newsletters  (I don't know if these are still valid and working)


AW List

The Soap Opera Forum is a nice friendly place to talk about Another World!

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