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As The World Turns Characters Pages

ATWT Character Description

Simon Frasier (Paul Leyden) Written by Frederique

Simon Frasier has probably been the most changed character in ATWT, perhaps only next to Barbara. Simon started in the show as being the Australian hunk looking for money. While he was hunting for a diamond, he fell in love with Lily. They got really close after they were stranded on an island. However, Katie also fell in love with Simon. When they were both drunk one evening, they slept together. Then, Katie married Simon so he could stay in America. When he wanted to leave her, he was still a not-so-nice person then, and she faked she was pregnant. Eventually he started to appreciate Katie's independence and way of living and he fell in love with her.

Simon and Katie were the most romantic couple of ATWT. He is a reminder of how a man should be. That is, the good Simon, not the way he used to be. He used to do anything for some cash. He wanted to get rich, that was the most important thing. Then he found out that love was more important than a rich wife he didn't care about.

Simon is a man that talks about his feelings and knows exactly what to say. He is literally tall, dark, and handsome, and appealing because of his Australian accent.

Simon's character went back to his old ways recently when he returned to the show and lied to Katie, which made her mistrust him, and they seemed to break up for good.

Page updated 12/23/10

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