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As The World Turns Cast List Page

ATWT Cast List



Anthony Blackthorn Billy Warlock
Gabriel Caras Ben Levin*
Liberty Ciccone Sarah Wilson*
Teri Ciccone Vanessa Ray
Henry Coleman Trent Dawson
Mona Cross Donna Bullock*
Dusty Donovan Grayson McCouch
Johnny Donovan Bailey Harkins*
Iris Dumbrowski Terri Garber*
Lisa Miller Grimaldi Eileen Fulton
Dr. Bob Hughes Don Hastings
Casey Hughes Billy Magnussen
Chris Hughes Daniel Cosgrove
Kim Sullivan Hughes Kathryn Hays
Margo Montgomery Hughes Ellen Dolan
Tom Hughes Scott Holmes
Noah Mayer Jake Silbermann*
Molly Conlan McKinnon Lesli Kay*
Craig Montgomery Jon Lindstrom
Johnny Montgomery Bailey Harkins*
Barbara Ryan Colleen Zenk Pinter
Paul Ryan Roger Howarth
Emma Snyder Kathleen Widdoes*
Faith Snyder Valentina de Angelis*
Holden Snyder Jon Hensley
Jack Snyder Michael Park
Janet Ciccone Snyder Julie Pinson*
Katie Peretti Snyder Terri Colombino
Lily Walsh Snyder Noelle Beck*
Luke Snyder Van Hansis
Natalie Snyder Isabella Palmieri*
Parker Munson Snyder Mick Hazen*
Sage Snyder Allie Gorenc*
Alison Stewart Marnie Schulenburg
Emily Stewart Kelley Menighan Hensley
Dr. Susan Burke Stewart Marie Masters*
Carly Tenney Maura West
Lucinda Walsh Elizabeth Hubbard

*recurring **guest star

If you know of any other characters that aren't on here, please let us know!

Lesli Kay appears this week as Molly.

Emily Griffin and Aniella Mohr play Janet's baby Lorenzo.

Cady McClain returns as Rosanna on Tuesday, September 14 for the final week of the show.

If you know of any present cast members who are not here, please let us know!

Thank you to Eva for helping with the cast list and news.

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Page updated 9/12/10

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