As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 7/29/10


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Barbara: Are you crazy?

Iris: No. I'm just the lady who has the key to your freedom.

Barbara: Oh, I see. And what guarantee do I have of getting my freedom if I give you the passwords?

Iris: Oh, you're just gonna have to have faith, Babs.

Barbara: Faith? Oh, I have faith. I have faith that somebody's looking for me! I bet my kids are out there right now, searching this town for me

Henry: That's not Barbara.

Katie: Just a minute ago you said you knew it was her. What changed your mind?

Henry: She doesn't have Barbara's swish.

Katie: Beg your pardon?

Henry: Barbara's got this youthful walk. It's this sort of swish.

Lisa: You know what? He's right. Barbara does. That woman didn't.

Katie: Okay, so if that's not Barbara but it's some woman who's trying to look like Barbara, that means --

Henry: That means that someone has got her, and this woman could be the one who's holding her prisoner.

Katie: Don't do this, Henry. Don't just jump to the worst possible scenario.

Henry: Barbara is missing, and there is some woman who is masquerading as her to make us think that she is okay. What other scenario am I supposed to jump to, Katie?

Katie: It's a coincidence! The woman just happened to have short hair and be wearing a coat that looked like Barbara's.

Henry: And just happened to be coming out of the same general vicinity as Barbara's place and wearing the same perfume? That's not a coincidence, Katie. It's damn suspicious.

Katie: Okay, maybe it was Barbara and she lost her swish.

Henry: Hmm-mm, hmm-mm. You do not lose a swish like that, okay? Not gonna happen. That's like her losing the color of her eyes or the -- the curve of her neck.

Katie: Okay, enough. You love everything about her. I get it.

Henry: My gut is telling me that she's in real trouble, Katie. I've got to do something about it.

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