As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 7/21/08


Provided By Elayna

Cole: So, um, you and me -- we're gonna go for a little ride.

Barbara: Where?

Cole: Wherever I want. I'm the one with the gun.

Meg: Can we get a cup of coffee before we talk to your mom?

Paul: Sure. You're not still mad at her?

Meg: What, me hold a grudge because she accused me of murder?

Aaron: What was that all about?

Alison: Uh -- this is from my father.

Aaron: The guy who fell off the face of the earth?

Alison: Uh, apparently, they have a post office there.

Cole: Pen, pen -- where's the damn pen?

Barbara: Why is it you can't put your hands on one? You keep the place in such good order.

Cole: What the hell do you mean, no?

Barbara: Surely even you understand a simple negative.

Cole: I just threatened to kill you.

Barbara: Whatever. I am cold. And I am exhausted. And I am wet. And I'll be damned if I'm gonna be stuck in this hole in the ground with the likes of you.

Chris: It is. It's great.

Alison: Yeah. That's because you don't loathe it. As soon as I can move, I'm getting in my car and heading to the first drive-through window I can find.

Barbara: I'm -- I'm better. Okay. I'm sorry, Meg.

Meg: Hey. Mothers-in-law find fault with their sons' wives. It comes with the territory.

Barbara: But how many accuse their daughters-in-law of murder?

Meg: Well, you know what? Lucky for you, I have thick skin.

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